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Not to be confused with the official Sega title Sonic Spinball.
Latest version: 2.6.0
Latest release date: 1998-02-26
Credits: Eric Carr
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SpinBall is a DOS fan game created in QBasic. With no relation to Sonic Spinball, the game has Sonic running through dungeons collecting coins. It was a 2D platformer just like the Mega Drive titles, and was ahead of its time as a fangame. Some of its files even date back as far as last modified on 25th April 1996.

Although this is a Sonic fangame, the creator made it his own (and avoided copyright issues) by renaming Sonic to "SpinBall" and Dr. Robotnik to "Dr. Spoz".

On modern platforms, DOSBox has issues compensating the clock speed when running this game; a manual adjustment to >7800 cycles is recommended to play the game at manageable levels.



Action Key
Move Left  RightAlt 
Move Right  RightCtrl 
Jump  Shift 
Help Screen  F1 
Quit to Menu  Esc 


There are 7 levels playable and a cutscene in the game. The game cuts out after the cutscene which is named level 8.

Escape 1/3
Escape 2/3
Escape 3/3 (battle vs. steely)
Password: HAGAR 
Crystal Waters
Password: SWORDFISH 
Rescue 1/3
Password: WIRE STRIP 
Rescue 2/3
Password: IN TROUBLE 
Rescue 3/3
Password: WHEW 
The Rescue (Cutscene)
Password: E1M1C1 


Type these in at any point:

Cheat Code
Get 90 coins POOR
Win the current level GETMEOUT
Temporary Zombie Mode (Invincibility) ZOMBIE
Super Zombie Mode (Invincibility) ERICISCOOL
SpinBall bleeds as he runs BLEED
"No way! You are NOT god!" dialog GOD
"This may of helped in DOOM, but NOT HERE!" dialog IDDQD
"There MUST be another way to do this!" dialog COIN

Technical information

Source code and editing rights

The source code is included in the archive below. The creator Eric Carr has said:

You may look at the source to see how I did anything, and use it for your liking as LONG as you give me credit and send me the program you make! If you have ANY ideas about a level, or would like the program to unPAK my level files to view them (in edit), please let me know. Also included are the .DAT level files. These are text files that can be EDITed and rePAKed to play in the game. Feel free to look at and edit these DAT files.

His email address can be found in the included README.

Level editing

The level files are raw text files saved as .DATs. These files are full of symbols laid out in the same way as the level, making them relatively easy to edit in software such as Notepad (Windows) or gedit (Linux). Here are my observations from viewing the playable levels in Notepad:

Object Symbol
Ground Type 1 G
Ground Type 2 B
Background (Wall) °
Background (No Wall) l or SPACE
Blank (with shadow) E
Coin O
Spikes (Harmful) +
Falling Lava (Not Harmful) H
Breakable Ground X
Surface of Lava (Harmful) T
Lower Lava (Not Harmful) L
Door (End of Level) =
Hanging ball on wall b
Window W

Compiling custom levels

Eric Carr also explained how a user would use their own custom levels:

Say you edited LEVEL1.DAT. Go to dos and type CODEIT and press enter. Type in LEVEL1 and press enter again. Codeit will create a PAK file, which you should then copy it to main directory. Then run spinball and go to level 1, voila!


Download.svg Download SpinBall
File: Spinball.7z (151 kB) (info)