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<forumuser name="Spexfox" /> Spexfox is a Sonic Retro member. He's a very off-and-on user who will at times be very active in the forums and other times very quiet. When he was in elementary school, he searched the internet to solve mysteries.

Technical Background

Spexfox has interesting technical abilities in that he can visualize programming and hacking but never has the fucking patience to follow through learning the hacking skills he covets so dearly. His last "project" was a custom Sonic the Hedgehog 2 enemy named Slotter Rabbit that was a good idea but never came to fruition due to his own laziness. Here are some of his ideas he came up with that he'll probably never do:

  • Slotter Rabbit (Now "Slotter Ribbit")
  • Michael Jackson's Sonic 3
  • Music-Based Combat Engine
  • PHP Web App that Converts Images to Music based on color and shape

Sonic Retro Podcast

Spexfox was one of the hosts on the Sonic Retro Podcast featured Bi-Weekly on Sonic Retro's main page. His role in the podcast was being the only furry host, writing for the main page blog, and managing the podcast with the community (in other words, PR). He also did most of the editing of each podcast recording.


At first it was assumed that Spexfox was a fairly new member to the Sonic Retro community. However, after a short while, it was realized that he was previously known as the member "∞∞?" on Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page and Sonic Cult. A few days later, it was also realized that he was the member "Gyro the Fox" at an ever earlier date on Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page. After Tweaker merged both of these old accounts, Spexfox's join date was pushed all the way back to January 2nd, 2004. Previous to these user names, Spexfox also went by the names "MilesTailsPrower" on Sonic Fan Games HQ as well as "Metalo the Hedgehog" and "Gyro the Fox" (again).

Retained Admin Rights

Retro adminrights blog.png

For a while, Spexfox was part of the site staff, but quit of his own accord. Unfortunately, Scarred Sun and Tweaker had forgotten to remove his administrative rights. When Spexfox remembered this he posted to the Sonic Retro blog what can be seen on the image to the right.

Written Legend

A story exists explaining Spexfox's history. The following document is a legend and incidentally historical reference.

==The Tail of Spex==
~An Epic Climb to Oldbie~
It was an average and sunny day in early September of 2003. A young middle-school student by the name of Michael Cormier was talking with a friend about what it would be like to create a game of their own. It just so happened that this friend had stumbled upon a site that could grant such a dream. It was called "Sonic Fan Games Headquarters". "This will be awesome!", says Mike who was unknowingly stepping into a world he was not quite prepared to deal with. "I'll make an account when I get home!"

And so Michael did make his account. He made his first email address and registered on the forums under the most unique name to come to mind at the age - "Miles Tails Prower". He knew what he had to do. He needed to grab attention to his new and outrageously awesome idea. He went to the land known as "General Fan Game Discussion" and in a clear, vigilante-like defiance of the rules, created a post titled "Major Fan Game Announcement! Sonic Adventure 3!" He sat back and smirked at his first step into the information super highway. For sure he would be given praise and support for such an ambitious idea.

He waited a while and refreshed the page. The aged and tired dial-up modem cranked away, loading the numerous GIFs and lines of text slowy into his browser. He had received a reply and though the trauma was hard on him he could still retain the words in his eyes -

"Major Announcement! You're a newb!"

-He was destroyed. Ruined. This couldn't be right, could it? He replied as quickly as 56k would allow. Surely this user was over-reacting. But the debate went on and on. Page after page questioning the validity of such a fan game. In the end, "Miles" had lost. Though his hopes were ruined his spirit remained and he vowed to clean up his act.

By early next year Michael had discovered a new Sonic site with a similar nature. It was called "Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page". What kind of internet mystery was this? A website all about the secrets and lost pieces of his favorite video game? What a thrill this would be! But he needed a far better name then "Miles Tails Prower" or he could never pass the required approval. He knew what to do! Why not "Gyro the Fox"? He would have the appearance of Tails with the colors of Shadow! It was brilliant! And so he joined the forums and he posted his topics and by far and large it was a success!

But time went on. Michael changed again. And he was banned from the computer for a year because he forgot his books at school. He waited patiently and quietly for his opportunity. Waited and waited...; When he finally came to he had discovered a new website yet again. It was called "Sonic CulT" and demonstrated interest in those very same beloved studies. But for such an "underground" community "Gyro" would not do. He needed something strange and mysterious. "Ah! I've got it...", Mike smirked and clicked the registration button. He pulled open the Character map window and constructed a name of devious pronunciation.


It was perfect. He taunted people with his name. "I dare you! Tell me what it means!" For once Michael felt clever and well-versed.

The years again passed. Time went on and Michael became a young man looking for "action". His dwelling was empty on a warm summer's afternoon and his curiosity was as hot as the humid air. He opened Google and put in those words..."Sonic Hentai". He clicked the first link and like a pidgin fluttering away, closed it immediately in shock! He was sweating and not sure what to do. He looked around. No one was home. He was safe. For his own sake he left the computer alone that day. Then he discovered something unusual...something interesting...he found a community who shared the strangest of interests yet not so strange to him and within this community he declared his solidified identity.

"Spex Bluefox"

His mind was finally free to wander where it pleased without question. Michael had found himself and was ready to exists in the world of wide webs. After two long years the opportunity presented itself. Michael was ready to join the Sonic community once again with his new and defined identity. His attention was captured when he saw the grand news! "Mindblowing: Gaming enthusiast to release hundreds of SEGA prototypes!"

"Maybe this time I'll come back and stay..." Michael thought to himself. He sent away for Tweaker on AIM, recognizing him in the vast and exciting Skype conference surrounding the event. And the rest as they say, is all history...