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Special Stage
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Special Stage
Special round, Sonic Blast
Number of Acts: 10

The Special Stages in Sonic Blast are ten special levels that come in sets of five, and are a hybrid of those from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3. To access these Special Stages, the player must locate a Giant Ring hidden in either Act of a Zone.


Sonic or Knuckles must walk down a checkered path with mountains in the background and collect at least 50 Rings, using Springs and Speed Boosters while avoiding spikes. Sonic/Knuckles will be constantly moving forward, but the player can control him by moving him sideways with Left and Right, and jumping with 1 or 2. Eventually, the player will reach the end of the Special Stage and win a prize, which depends on which Act the Special Stage was entered in. If the player doesn't have at least 50 Rings however, Dr. Eggman will fly in and take the prize away.

Special Stages found in Act 1 of a Zone will feature a green colour scheme and award a 1-Up at the end, while Special Stages found in Act 2 sport a red colour scheme and award one of the all-important Chaos Emeralds at the end. All five Chaos Emeralds are required to reach the true final boss at the end of the game. After the Special Stage has ended, the player will be warped back to the last Marker they have reached, or to the beginning of the Act if they have not activated a Marker.

In Tec Toy's Master System port of the game, the Special Stages are the only levels that do not benefit from the increased screen dimensions. Players are "treated" to massive borders instead.


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