Special Stage (S3D Sat/PC)

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Special Stage (S3D Sat/PC)
Special level, Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island
Number of Acts: 7
Saturn Special Stage

The Special Stage, in Sonic 3D Blast for the Saturn is more strictly tied to the Sonic 2 half-pipe special stage format than the Mega Drive special stages. This version uses true 3D effects, as well as tunnels, springs, and dash zones, though with what is often considered a lower difficulty than the originals. As usual, rings are collected and collecting a minimum amount rewards the player with an Emerald.

The PC special stage also takes place in a half pipe, but only has a single stage and abundant rings, with no additional gimmicks to be found. This leads to a lack of difficulty in the PC special stages. Also, unlike in the Saturn version, special stages and objects are entirely sprite-based, including Sonic.

To access special stages, the player has to find either Tails or Knuckles in the regular levels and touch them while carrying at least 50 rings. Note that the ring count is set back to zero when entering a special stage. A ring bonus is still awarded for those rings at the end of the act. Tails' and Knuckles' special stages only differ in their appearance. Between the two special stage settings, there are fourteen special stages, but only seven emeralds to collect: the player is given the choice to collect each emerald in the kind of stage they prefer. Collecting all seven emeralds will not unlock Super Sonic, and is not required to complete the game. It is required, however, in order to access the Final Fight and see the good ending.

Number Rings Emerald colour
#1 50 + 100 green
#2 50 + 110 light blue
#3 70 + 120 green
#4 50 + 100 blue
#5 70 + 120 purple
#6 70 + 150 yellow
#7 80 + 160 dark blue*

*Even lighter than the first light blue on the result menu.

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