Space Colony ARK Battle

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Sonic X episode #37
"Space Colony ARK Battle"
Written by:
Directed by: Mamoru Enomoto
Production no.: 037
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Space Colony ARK Battle is the 37th episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Robotnik's Revenge. This episode is the fifth part of the series' adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2.

Episode Summary

Having gained Dr. Eggman's trust, Rouge obtains the password to Space Colony ARK and begins searching for information on Project Shadow. Meanwhile, Mr. Stewart and Scarlet the journalist are starting to close in on the same story, at a retirement home where the last veteran of the ARK raid is living.

Sonic and his friends pilot Eggman's shuttle to ARK. Knuckles feels the Master Emerald nearby while en route and swerves the shuttle off course, causing them to crash into ARK. Knuckles enters immediately and finds the Master Emerald guarded by Rouge. After a brief fight, he knocks her off the catwalk, but catches her before she falls. Though she chides him for only doing it to hold her hand, she lets him have the Emerald, and he runs off with it.

Tails gives Sonic the fake Chaos Emerald so that he can use it to destroy the Eclipse Cannon. Before they can get anywhere near it, Eggman arrives and grabs Amy with a robot arm, threatening to crush her unless Sonic surrenders the Emerald. Sonic places the fake Emerald on the ground as directed, and Eggman seals him--and the fake Emerald--in a capsule to launch into space. Tails' attempts to negotiate only alert Eggman that Sonic's Emerald is not real, so he launches the capsule, expecting that Sonic will die when it explodes outside the colony. Tails, inspired by Sonic's "last request" that he handle things from here, attacks Eggman with a vengeance.

The GUN veteran confides his story to the investigators: he and his fellow soldiers were told to shut down ARK because of an "accident" on board--a story everyone knew was just a front, but no one was brave enough to question. Once on board, he was the one to chase down Maria; though he ordered her repeatedly not to release the Ultimate Life Form, he shot her when she pulled the lever anyway. He breaks down in tears as he finishes his story, adding that their mission ended as soon as they sealed off the prototype.

Back in space, Knuckles gets a surprise when Sonic appears in front of him. Sonic was able to warp out of danger by using Chaos Control with his fake Emerald, and he heads off to jam the cannon with it. Meanwhile, Shadow interrupts Rouge as she tries to copy the data on Project Shadow. He knows she is a spy, and they accuse each other, seemingly with equal merit, of invading privacy and being an impostor. She notes that two capsules were ejected towards Earth, but neither was found at all; therefore, Shadow couldn't have been in either of them. Though confronted with the possibility that his memories might be fake, Shadow sticks to his mission: all he cares about is carrying out Maria's wish.

Shadow finds Sonic outside ARK, and the two confront each other. While they are fighting, Eggman attempts to fire the Eclipse Cannon despite the damage it has taken, only for it to lock up and display Gerald Robotnik's final statement, announcing that ARK will soon crash into Earth.

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