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Current owner(s): Hivebrain
Type of site: Prototype Information
Created on: 2001
Current status: Offline

Sonicology is a Sonic website owned by Hivebrain. The principal sections of the site cover prototypes, game information, cameos and downloads.


  • 2001: The site was originally hosted by Topcities, and was a typical bland Sonic fansite.
  • 2002: The site moved to Fateback (which, at the time, was completely free of ads), and was given a swish new red-and-black design.
  • 2003: Another redesign - making use of a separate frame for navigation (which remains to this day), and a visual style reminiscent of GameFAQs.
  • 2004: The third and final redesign copied the style of Sonic Jam's "Hall of Fame", and a PHP news script was installed. Hosting for the site is now spread across Fateback, Ionichost and Hacking CulT.
  • 2005: Updates to the site ceased in late Summer, and Sonicology is now officially defunct. Hivebrain was expected to open a replacement site sometime in 2006, but the plan never materialised.
  • 2014: The site no longer exists. As such, it only redirects to an empty index page.
  • Notes: A recurring motif of all four site layouts is the blue logo on a spritesheet-like background.

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