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Green Hill Zone takes inspiration from the Rev.01 version of Sonic the Hedgehog (i.e. the version released in Japan), as the background clouds scroll to the left. Unfortunately fewer parallax layers exist on the water.

Act 1

SonicGenesis GBA Comparison GHZ Act1Wall.png
Game Boy Advance
Sonic1 MD Comparison GHZ Act1Wall.png
Mega Drive

Some wall objects are missing in Genesis. This is still a solid surface on the Game Boy Advance, but the ground is missing shading on the left hand side.

Act 2

Act 3

SonicGenesis GBA Comparison GHZ Act3Boss.png
Game Boy Advance
Sonic1 MD Comparison GHZ Act3Boss.png
Mega Drive

The physics make the fight with Eggman far easier. You can get on top of the eggmobile and simply keep bouncing on his head.


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