Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) JP manual

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The following is the manual for the Japanese release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, including English translations when available.

Storyline Translation

Literal Translation

(Translated by SamIAm. Translator’s Note: In this translation, the sentences have been left as grammatically intact as possible in order to more accurately convey the exact wording of the original text. This method, however, results in an unusual sentence structure and flow.)

Along the way of one of his impulsive adventures, Sonic suddenly discovered the island. It was a small island, with pleasant green fields of grass spread throughout it.

"All right, it's time to take a little break." he said.

Drawing an arc of white exhaust, Sonic slid his favorite plane, the Tornado, down toward the island's silhouette…and almost as if it were following him, a shiny little figure came down and suspiciously disappeared on the other side of the island.

--The Legend of West Side Island--
They say that a very long time ago, the people of this island used mysterious stones to advance their civilization, and they achieved great prosperity. However, when those people people tried to use the stones in the wrong way, their prosperity vanished overnight. After that, they say that the gods sealed the stones away somewhere on the island.

One day, not long after Sonic had been on the island, Sonic noticed something tagging along to his rear. He turned around to see a little fox. When the fox realized he had been seen, he scurried into the shadows under the palm trees. But when Sonic turned and ran off, the fox followed behind him as fast as he could.

After a while, Sonic said "Well, he can do whatever he wants." and left it at that, not taking particular interest in whatever it was the fox was doing.

"Miles Prower" was the fox's name. Miles actually had two tails, which is why the animals on the island all called him "Tails". They teased him a lot because of those two tails. But when he saw Sonic come to the island, he changed.

"I want to be cool, too!" he resolved. After that, he started tagging along behind Sonic for all hours of the day.

Then came that one early afternoon. Miles found a beautiful aeroplane down at the beach. Miles loved all sorts of machines and vehicles, and he practically tripped over himself running towards the plane.

That slim fuselage, and those wings that could cut like a knife! Fascinated by this beautiful craft, Miles ran around to see the other side, and there he stopped dead in his tracks. Sonic was taking a nap under the wing. Miles turned right around and went back to the other side of the plane, and then it happened…

A flash shown off in the woods.

Then came an enormous explosion, and up rose a pillar of fire after it. Shards of rock and pieces of tree came showering down from the sky. Miles, who had narrowly escaped being blown away by crawling under the plane, opened his eyes. Reflected in them was the the red of the burning forest, and robots digging at the ground as though they were looking for something. Miles couldn't figure out what was happening.

The explosions continued ceaselessly, and the island was blanketed in flames. Miles was at a loss as he looked on, but then he felt the presence of someone standing next to him. He looked over, and there was Sonic glaring at the burnt up forest. "Eggman, you bastard!" mumbled Sonic as he kicked up some sand and ran off into the forest. Something had started, something truly incredible. This was the hunch Miles had as he reflexively took off in the same direction as Sonic.

"Uwa—Ha Ha Ha Ha!!"

From the forest echoed that all too familiar vulgar laugh. It's him - the one and only Dr. Eggman.

"I've found it at last! The place where the Chaos Emeralds sleep! Following Sonic worked out perfectly! Now I should be able to finish my ultimate weapon: The Death Egg! I"ll be waiting for you, Sonic! This time, my friend, this time I will beat you, and all the Emeralds will be mine! Then I shall be the conqueror of the entire world! Gya— Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

The stage is set. Now it's time for you to bring the curtain to a close on this adventure once and for all!

Earlier Translation

(Translation by Mary Yamasaki and Dave Bulmer.)

Sonic the Hedgehog is always searching for new adventure in his life. Today, luck was on his side; Sonic discovered a beautiful lush island, rich with greenery and pleasing to the senses. "All right!" Sonic thought to himself. "I'll rest here for a while." The white smoke escaping from Sonic's plane "the Tornado" drew a long arch in the sky, its shadow stretching out over the length of the island.

The legend of West Side Island, the Island of Illusion, tells that many years ago, a people here based the development of their civilization on a collection of strange stones, and employed their greatest philosophers to theorize on the true power of these stones. In order to gain these powers, some attempted to channel the energy of the stones for their own evil intents. These attempts, however, came to naught. Since, the legends tell that the stones have been sealed by the gods somewhere on this island.

Some days passed since Sonic landed on the island. One day, while Sonic explored a region of the island, he noticed that he was being watched by someone behind him. He turned around and saw that a small fox had been secretly following him. Seeing Sonic's face, the startled fox shyly hid in the shade of a coconut tree. Ignoring the fox, Sonic began to run, but the fox, seeing him leaving, started running after him with all his strength. Seeing the determination on its face, Sonic changed his mind about the little fox. "I may as well let him follow me," he said to himself, and stopped running. He decided to make friends with the young fox.

Miles Prower was a small kitsune, who sported two tails instead of one. For this reason, the animals of West Side Island nicknamed him "Tails". Miles was happy with his life, but after meeting Sonic his view changed. He made a decision to improve his skills, and so he began to hang around Sonic all day long.

One early afternoon, Miles discovered a superb plane resting on the beach; he rushed to get a closer look at it. The curving outline of the plane's sleek, streamlined body impressed him. It was just the kind of vehicle Miles liked. He strolled towards the front of the plane, admiring its impressive fuselage. He stopped as he saw Sonic asleep in the cockpit. He quickly scampered back to the rear, hoping not to wake him.

Suddenly, Miles saw a brief flash of light coming from the direction of the nearby woods. Without any further warning, rumbling explosions and columns of flame rose above the trees, scattering stones, leaves and branches in all directions. Miles watched in terror as the spectacle unfolded before his eyes. From within the burning red forest, an army of robots marched forth, cluttering the earth.

Miles watched, stunned, as the explosions continued. But even Miles in his fear did not realize the full scope of the situation. Sonic watched the burning forest with anger in his eyes. "Eggman..." Sonic breathed, remembering his arch-enemy with contempt. He jumped down onto the beach and gazed up at the wood beyond. Something was beginning. Having fainted for a few seconds, Miles collected himself and ran to catch up with Sonic.

"Da - Ha ha ha ha!!" The loud laughter echoed around the wood; Doctor Eggman was nearby.

"Finally, my plan is underway! The Chaos Emeralds sleep somewhere on West Side Island, the Island of Illusion, so it will be easy to expel my adversary Sonic! Soon, my supreme weapon, The Death Egg, will be launched into space. Just you wait, Sonic, this time, THIS time I will gather the Chaos Emeralds, and with their power I will defeat you! Thus, I, Dr. Eggman, shall become master of this world! Daa-HA HA HA!!"

The players are set. Here begins the adventure and emotion. Let's go!

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