Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 OSV

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Due to the high amount of bandwidth it was consuming, downloadable music is no longer offered. Tracks are playable by streaming only. Downloads are unlikely to be restored.

This is the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 OSV for Sonic the Hedgehog. To listen to a track, press play next to that track's name. To download this track as an MP3, right-click on the image of an arrow with a drive and hit Save Link As.

1. His World (Theme of Sonic)
2. All Hail Shadow (Theme of Shadow)
3. Dreams of an Absolution (Theme of Silver)
4. My Destiny (Theme of Princess Elise)
5. Main Menu
6. Multiplayer Menu
7. Extras Menu
8. Wave Ocean ~The Water's Edge~
9. Wave Ocean ~The Inlet~
10. Dusty Desert ~Quicksand~
11. Dusty Desert ~The Ruins~
12. White Acropolis ~Snowy Peak~
13. White Acropolis ~The Base~
14. Crisis City ~The Flames~
15. Crisis City ~Skyscraper~
16. Crisis City ~Whirlwind~
17. Crisis City ~Tornado~
18. Flame Core ~Volcano~
19. Flame Core ~The Cavern~
20. Radical Train ~The Abandoned Mine~
21. Radical Train ~The Chase~
22. Tropical Jungle ~The Jungle~
23. Tropical Jungle ~The Swamp~
24. Tropical Jungle ~The Ruins~
25. Kingdom Valley ~Wind~
26. Kingdom Valley ~Lakeside~
27. Kingdom Valley ~The Castle~
28. Kingdom Valley ~Water~
29. Aquatic Base ~Level 1~
30. Aquatic Base ~Level 2~
31a. End of the World (Yellow Emerald... for Tails)
31b. End of the World (Green Emerald... for Omega)
31c. End of the World (Light Blue Emerald... for Knuckles)
31d. End of the World (White Emerald... for Silver)
31e. End of the World (Purple Emerald... for Rouge)
31f. End of the World (Blue Emerald... for Amy)
31g. End of the World (Red Emerald... for Shadow)
31h. End of the World (Full Mix)
32. Versus Character
33. Egg Cerberus & Genesis
34. Egg Wyvern
35. Iblis Phase 1 and 2
36. Iblis Phase 3
37. Mephiles Phase 1
38. Mephiles Phase 2
39. Solaris Phase 1
40. Solaris Phase 2
41. Soleanna ~Castle Town~
42. Soleanna ~New City~
43. Soleanna ~Forest~
44. Town Mission 1
45. Town Mission 2
46. Town Mission 3
47. Town Mission 4
48. Mission Completed!
49. Town Mission Completed!
50. Results
51. Invincibility
52. Accordion Song
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