Sonic the Fighters OSV

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This is the Sonic the Fighters OSV for Sonic the Fighters. To listen to a track, press play next to that track's name. Because of the high quantity of bandwidth consumed, downloadable versions of the music are no longer available.

1. KIYO (Advertise) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/01 - KIYO (Advertise).mp3</flashmp3>
2. Get into the Wave 2 (Character Select) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/02 - Get into the Wave 2 (Character Select).mp3</flashmp3>
3. Are You Ready (Game Start) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/03 - Are You Ready (Game Start).mp3</flashmp3>
4. Lover (South Island) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/04 - Lovers (South Island).mp3</flashmp3>
5. Back to Soul (Flying Carpet) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/05 - Back to Soul (Flying Carpet).mp3</flashmp3>
6. Black Bed (Aurora Icefield) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/06 - Black Bed (Aurora Icefield).mp3</flashmp3>
7. Come On, Mr. Sonic (Mushroom Hill) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/07 - Come on, Mr Sonic (Mushroom Hill).mp3</flashmp3>
8. Blue Garden (Canyon Cruise) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/08 - Blue Garden (Canyon Cruise).mp3</flashmp3>
9. Here We Go (Casino Night) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/09 - Here We Go (Casino Night).mp3</flashmp3>
10. Try Again (Dynamite Plant) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/10 - Try Again (Dynamite Plant).mp3</flashmp3>
11. Fire Stone (Giant Wing) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/11 - Fire Stone (Giant Wing).mp3</flashmp3>
12. Emerald (Chaos Emerald) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/12 - Emerald (Chaos Emerald).mp3</flashmp3>
13. Never Let It Go (Death Egg's Eye) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/13 - Never Let It Go (Death Egg's Eye).mp3</flashmp3>
14. Hurry Up (Death Egg's Hangar) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/14 - Hurry Up (Death Egg's Hangar).mp3</flashmp3>
15. Egg's Fanfare (Mission Complete) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/15 - Egg's Fanfare (Mission Complete).mp3</flashmp3>
16. Everything (Super Sonic) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/16 - Everything (Super Sonic).mp3</flashmp3>
17. North Wind (Sonic Vs Knuckles) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/17 - North Wind (Sonic Vs Knuckles).mp3</flashmp3>
18. Winner's Fanfare (You Are Winner) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/18 - Winner's Fanfare (You Are Winner).mp3</flashmp3>
19. What's Your Name (Name Entry) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/19 - What's Your Name (Name Entry).mp3</flashmp3>
20. Take Me Away (Ending Theme) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/20 - Take Me Away (Ending Theme).mp3</flashmp3>
21. Continue <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/21 - Continue.mp3</flashmp3>
22. Game Over <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/22 - Game Over.mp3</flashmp3>
23. Character Select (Alt) <flashmp3>Sonic the Fighters OSV/23 - Character Select (Alt).mp3</flashmp3>

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