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Other Sonic X-treme levels

During the development of Sonic X-treme, numerous level ideas were debated upon, and by the time of cancellation some had come along more than others. Jade Gully, Crystal Frost, Red Sands and Galaxy Fortress/Death Egg made it past the conceptual phase and were at one point reasonably established, playable levels. This page details other stages which did not make it as far.

Most of the concept art and screenshots that follow below were taken from the Sonic Xtreme Compendium.

Metal Blade

Metal Blade is a level referenced heavily in Chris Senn's documentation, though the only evidence of its existence is some released conceptual music for the stage. At least three acts to the zone were planned, named "Nightmare Bridge," "Sewer Shock" and "Necropolis", respectively.

Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean failed to make it past the testing stage, however the fact it was given a name suggests the level was intended to be developed further, possibly into an underwater level.


Christmas Level

Much like the calendar-based levels of Christmas NiGHTS, Sonic X-treme at one point considered having a "bonus" level that would be themed around Christmas. However, not much work was completed as the rest of the game took precedence.

Test Levels

Through the course of creating and showcasing Ofer Alon's engine for Sonic X-treme, numerous test levels[1] were built by both Ofer and Chris Senn. Some of these were meant to be expanded into full levels, while others were simply examples of what could be done with the engine.

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