Sonic Universe Book One: The Shadow Saga

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The Shadow Saga
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Type: Trade paperback
Page count: 112
ISBN-10: 1879794861[1]
ISBN-13: 978-1879794863[1]
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2011-09-07[2] $$11.95[1] ?
Book Two: 30 Years Later

Sonic Universe Book One: The Shadow Saga, also known as Sonic Universe Volume One,[3] is the first book in the line of Sonic Universe trade paperbacks from Archie Comics. It collects the first four issues of Sonic Universe, along with bonus material.

Official solicitation

Enter the SONIC UNIVERSE with the first ever Graphic Novel collection of the new hit comic series! SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG, the dark and grim Ultimate Lifeform, embarks on his first mission for the Guardian Units of the Nation! He will travel across time and space, fighting deadly killer robots and facing down beings of god-like power! SONIC UNIVERSE VOL. 1 collects the entire “Shadow Saga” storyline from Sonic Universe #1-4 plus exclusive sketches and special features![3]

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Living Weapons

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Chapter Two: Time & Again

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Chatper Three: Old Soldiers

Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic Universe issue #3

Chapter Four: The Ultimate Lifeform

Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic Universe issue #4

Sketch Covers

A single page showing the inked line art of the four covers from the collected issues. A fifth image, the completed cover for issue #2, features an early version of the Sonic Universe logo.

Off Panels

A reprint of the four Off-Panel strips originally published in Sonic Universe issues #1 through #4.

Who's Who?

A collection of data files for characters and locations featured in the book. These pages would later be republished in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia. The data files featured are:


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Production credits

The Shadow Saga
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  • Writer: Ian Flynn
  • Pencils & inks: Steven Butler
  • Colors: Paul Kaminski
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Archie Comics Publications, Inc.
  • Co-CEO: Jonathan Goldwater
  • Co-CEO: Nancy Silberkleit
  • President: Mike Pellerito
  • Co-president/Editor-in-chief: Victor Gorelick
  • Director of circulation: Bill Horan
  • Executive Director of Publishing/Operations: Harold Buchholz
  • Executive Director of Publicity/Marketing: Alex Segura
  • Compilation editor: Paul Kaminski
  • Production Manager: Stephen Oswald
  • Proofreader: Duncan Mclachlan
  • Production: Vin Lovallo
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Sonic Universe
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