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Sonic Unity
Latest version: 2nd Demo
Latest release date: 2004
Engine: Multimedia Fusion
Credits: Magicgrafx (Aytaç Aksu), HooHaz (Ryan Davey)

Sonic Unity was the last Sonic fangame created by Magicgrafx (Aytaç Aksu) between 2002 and 2004. This project is recognizable for being the spiritual successor of Chaomega, also being one of the most impressive for its time, and for having a better engine made in Multimedia Fusion than the rest of his previous fangames.


Like Chaomega, the game maintains the same mechanics as the classic Sonic games, although it was given some gimmicks from Sonic Adventure 2 such as the addition of rails and the Homing Attack.

Both demos include only one act called Great Gate Zone, along with 2 playable characters (Sonic and Shadow), which briefly vary their techniques. Also includes the option to customize Sonic's palette, and play with the one made.


Unfortunately, the fangame (along with Aytaç's other projects) was canceled on August 7, 2004; after a public statement in which Aytaç reports on how busy he was with University, and also being involved in other personal activities. It was also stated by the community that Aytaç wasn't interested in the Sonic fangaming scene anymore.


2004 demo

2003 public screenshots



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