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Fast Facts on Sonic Time Twisted

Latest Release Date: August 2014 (SAGE 14 Act 2 Demo)
Engine: Game Maker
Credits: Overbound, Mercury, Hinchy, AeroGP, Sparks, Apricity, Ristar, Der Zocker, DimensionWarped

Sonic Time Twisted is a fan-made attempt, headed by Overbound, to make a new game that borrows some key elements from Sonic CD, including time travel, to make it one of the more unique Sonic fan games out there, while still being very true to the classic Genesis/Mega Drive games. The game has been in development since 2006, though since then, Sonic Time Twisted went through a total revamp twice, so as such all demos are based on various older builds of Sonic Time Twisted. The game made a comeback at SAGE 14 Acts 1 & 2, and is expected to be finished within the coming months.


The storyline will take space through a number of cut scenes through out the game similar in style to Sonic 3&K or the few scattered around in Sonic CD. Not too much detail has been given yet but it can be said that it involves Sonic, Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, the Time Stones, Chaos Emeralds, and mysterious UFOs.


Sonic Time Twisted is a Game Maker based game, currently being programmed by Mercury using his very accurate AeStHete engine. Older builds used Damizean and RougeYoshi's Xmas Gift 360º engine. The gameplay parallels the Genesis games using similar level design which includes a large number of gimmicks for each zone. The game also grabs elements from Sonic CD, including time travel in two time zones and the time stones.


Only 4 zones of the current version of Sonic Time Twisted have made it into a playable form thus far. Note that they used to use the "Round" notation from Sonic CD, with Zones as the individual levels, but it has since reverted to the Sonic 1 style Zone/Act notation.

  • Attraction Attack Zone: an amusement park partially under the control of Dr. Robotnik in the future, but still under construction in the past; equal parts Collision Chaos, Spring Yard Zone, and Casino Night Zone.
  • Frigid Fortress Zone: an icey castle in the past and toxic frozen wasteland in the future. Warp around the future on Sonic and Knuckles bonus stage orbs, or explore the castle in the past.
  • Viridian Valley Zone: a Green Hill Zone style area, with the marina in the future and prehistoric jungle in the past. Formerly known as "Disport Drive".
  • Drifting Dynamo
  • Tidal Tubes Zone: a water-themed level with lots of pipes for Sonic to travel around in. Race past futuristic buildings in the future, or pillage the pirate ships in the past. Inspired by the the canceled stage Perplex Puzzle and Sonic Zero's Tidal Tubes.
  • Submerged Saucer
  • Planetary Panic


Originally the game's soundtrack was composed by LarkSS, but due to various reasons, he became unable to continue making the music shortly prior to SAGE 2010. The new version of the soundtrack is being mainly composed by Zach Hinchy, though there are a few tracks from the original incarnation being carried over (such as the theme of Perplex Puzzle Past). The SAGE 2010 demo features the new title theme and the Perplex Puzzle Future theme from the new soundtrack; additional finished and work-in-progress music from the soundtrack can be listened to at the soundtrack repository. Upon completion, the soundtrack, with the title Dueling Ages, is intended to be formally (but still freely) released as a downloadable OST.

Production Credits

Offical Team

  • Overbound: Lead Graphic Designer, Lead Level Designer and Game Programmer
  • Mercury: Additional Programming and concepts
  • AeroGP: Engine programmer
  • Zach Hinchy: Lead Music Composer, Additional Graphics and Concept

Contributing Members

  • LarkSS: Additional Music
  • Gardow : Character Design
  • MFZB: Character Design
  • MystHedgehog: Character Design
  • Damizean: Programming Support & Art Design
  • RogueYoshi: Programming Support

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Current Images

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  • SAGE 2006: Best in Show runner-up


Sonic Time Twisted SAGE 2014 Act 2 Demo

Sonic Time Twisted SAGE 2010 Demo (12.7MB)

Sonic Time Twisted SAGE 2009 Demo (9.08MB)

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