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Fast Facts on Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed

Version: V0.4
Last Release: March 18th 2018
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Shadow05

Not to be confused with the hack Sonic the Hedgehog Remix.

Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed A.K.A Sonic 1 Remixed is a hack of Sonic The Hedgehog by Shadow05 this is supposed to be a remix of the game.

The Story Of The Hack

Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed originally started as a test to push sonic 1 to its limits but it's now a full scale hack.


Please note you can download these builds but they are buggy!

  • Version 0.1 Beta (A.K.A Buggy Test Build) Released on March 14th
  • Version 0.2 Released on March 16th
  • Version 0.3 UNRELEASED March 17th
  • Version 0.4 Released on March 18th



Peelout animation when Sonic is running very fast

Extended Level Select

Dynamic Music Every Special Stage

Music for Each Boss

An Options Screen

Sonic 3K&3D PSG, DAC and Music

Title Screen Menu: Allows access to the credits, level select and options.


Please note these monitors are only accessible in bridge zone.

5 Rings
5 Rings

Gives you 5 rings.

Grey Shoes Monitor

Slows Sonic down.

"S" Monitor

Turns Sonic Super.

Functional But not complete

Bridge Zone

Super Sonic & Tails

Future Features


Finish Tail's Sprites.

A Preferences Screen like Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix with the options like.

  • Enable The Spike Bug.
  • Enable The Ground Speed Cap.
  • Enable The Air Speed Cap.

Make A 32X and Sega CD Version


Strange lag in Labyrinth and Scrap Brain Zone.

Background bug in Bridge Zone


Download.svg Download Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed
File: Sonic 1 Remixed Version (783 kB) (info)

Old Versions

Download.svg Download Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed
File: (741 kB) (info)
Download.svg Download Sonic The Hedgehog Remixed
File: S1Remixed Buggy Test (489 kB) (info)


Title Screen (Outdated)


Knuckles (Not from current public release!)


New Monitors From Bridge Zone

New Monitors.png

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