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Sonic Team Junior

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Sonic Team Junior is an amateur game development team consisting of several Sonic enthusiasts. They are non-profit, making games that are entirely free and also for fun, on their own spare time.



Sonic Team Junior has had several projects under its name. A few were completed, one was never released, and one is currently being worked on. Sonic Robo Blast 2 is their main project.

Sonic Robo Blast

Main Article: Sonic Robo Blast

Sonic Robo Blast is the original that started it all. It was made by Sonikku, armed only with MSPaint and Klik N' Play. With these two tools, he created this full-length Sonic fan game, which was heavily well-received. Its graphics were crude and the engine was very buggy, but the key to Sonic Robo Blast was the gameplay, and it was also chock-full of secrets! Its lastability was perhaps its most acclaimed point.

Sonic Doom and Sonic Doom 2

At around the same time, SSNTails downloaded Sonic Doom, a Doom add-on made by Jeff Read. It replaced the sounds and some of the player graphics of Doom. SSNTails modified it a little further, adding such elements as Tails and Knuckles. More graphics were added and a plot was written.

Some time later, SSNTails started work on Sonic Doom 2. It was intended to be a "Total Conversion" of Doom, replacing entire levels, graphics, and sounds so there was barely a trace of the original Doom. It included 25 levels based on previous Sonic games. Tails and Knuckles were on your side, and it was up to the player to stop Eggman. SSNTails wanted to include original Sonic-style gameplay as well, but he was unable to enlist the help of a programmer.

Sonic Emerald Quest

Sonic Emerald Quest was a canned RPG originally conceived by Sonikku and SSNTails. A plot was written, basic planning started, and a hefty soundtrack was being composed for it, but the game didn't get much further than that before being abandoned.

Sonic Robo Blast 2

Main Article: Sonic Robo Blast 2

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is Sonic Team Junior's main project. It has been developed for over eight years and is the sequel to Sonic Robo Blast, with its plot picking up after Eggman's defeat in the first game.

The first incarnation of Sonic Robo Blast 2 was a version made in The Games Factory. It was 2D, and it had improved graphics over the original, as well as animated cutscenes, both thanks to SSNTails teaming up with Sonikku. However, the planned levels were too large for The Games Factory to handle, and Sonikku had ideas that simply weren't possible using the limited scripting engine. At that point, he turned to a C programmer named Stealth. Stealth redid the 2D Sonic Robo Blast 2 into its second incarnation, as a C program. However, months into this new endeavor, Stealth suddenly was unable to help. It was back to square one for Sonikku and SSNTails.

At this point, Sonic Doom came into play. SSNTails had the idea of using the Doom engine to make Sonic Robo Blast 2 a 3D Sonic platformer. That lead to its third, and current, incarnation. The first release using the Doom engine was SRB2 Halloween, a rather crude, yet budding, example of what SRB2 could be. Some time after, SSNTails released SRB2 Xmas, which was more faithful to a classic Sonic game. After that, designs on the final levels, such as Greenflower Zone, began. Demo 1, which included Greenflower Zone Act 1, was released next. After that, the rest was history. Sonic Robo Blast 2 became one of the most acclaimed Sonic fan games, liked by its 3D environments, involving gameplay, and its internet play.


Sonic Team Junior consists of several Sonic enthusiasts. This list describes specifically their roles in Sonic Robo Blast 2.


  • SSNTails [Art Freda]


  • Sonikku [Johnny Wallbank]

Game Designers

  • Sonikku [Johnny Wallbank]
  • SSNTails [Art Freda]
  • Mystic [Ben Geyer]

Character Designers

Visual Design

  • SSNTails [Art Freda]

Landscape Design

  • Sonikku [Johnny Wallbank]
  • JEV3 [Jarrett Voight]

Chief Programmer

  • SSNTails [Art Freda]


  • Alam_GBC [Alam Arias]
  • Jazz [Nathan Giroux]
  • Graue [Scott Feeney]
  • MattW_CFI [Matthew Walsh]
  • Orospakr [Andrew Clunis]

Coding Assistants

  • StroggOnMeth [Steven McGranahan]
  • Cyan Helkaraxe
  • Logan_GBA [Logan Arias]
  • Shuffle [Matt Marsalko]
  • Jason the Echidna [John J. Muniz]

Level Designers

  • Sonikku [Johnny Wallbank]
  • Mystic [Ben Geyer]
  • SSNTails [Art Freda]
  • Digiku [Marco Z.]
  • Torgo [Erik Nielsen]
  • Nev3r [Pedro Iceta]
  • JEV3 [Jarrett Voight]
  • Spazzo [Michael Antonakes]
  • MattW_CFI [Matthew Walsh]
  • Jazz [Nathan Giroux]

Texture Artists

  • KinkaJoy [Buddy Fischer]
  • SSNTails [Art Freda]
  • Blaze Hedgehog [Ryan Bloom]
  • JEV3 [Jarrett Voight]
  • Nev3r [Pedro Iceta]
  • InstantSonic [David Spencer]

Music Production

  • Bulmybag [David Bulmer]
  • Arrow [Jarel Jones]
  • Stuf [Stefan Rimalia]
  • SSNTails [Art Freda]
  • Cyan Helkaraxe
  • Red XVI [Malcolm Brown]
  • Spazzo [Michael Antonakes]
  • Nev3r [Pedro Iceta]
  • InstantSonic [David Spencer]

Lead Guitar

  • Big Wave Dave [Dave Spencer]
  • Shane Strife [Shane Sexton]

Sound Effects

Official Mascot

  • Pending

Sky Sanctuary Team

  • Blade [Desmond D.]
  • Boinciel [Paul Clempson]
  • Chaos Zero 64 [Julio Guir]
  • Cue [Ben Woodford]
  • Dark Warrior [Rob Tisdell]
  • Jazz [Nathan Giroux]
  • JEV3 [Jarrett Voight]
  • KOTE [Sherman D.]
  • MattW_CFI [Matthew Walsh]
  • Nev3r [Pedro Iceta]
  • Senku [Andrew Moran]
  • Shadow Hog [Thomas Igoe]
  • Sonict [Colin Pfaff]
  • SRB2 Playah [Cody Koester]
  • ST218 [Nick Molina]
  • Tets [Bill Reed]

Special Thanks

  • Doom Legacy Project
  • iD Software
  • Dave Perry
  • MistaED [Alex Fuller]
  • Chrispy [Chris Pryor]

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