Sonic Super Velocity

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VELOCITY title.png
Sonic Super Velocity
Latest version: A06
Latest release date: No version released yet
Engine: Sonic Worlds
Credits: Diablohead

Sonic Super Velocity is a remake of an old 2001 fan game Sonic SV by Diablohead released at SFGHQ. The game uses the Sonic Worlds engine with heavy modifications, and is being designed to be fun and entertaining without being excessively serious.

Being made in its creator's spare time, the game has plans to be released at SAGE '09 in full. It will contain 5 Zones, which will span across 12 Acts.

The Sonic Timeline

Sonic SV, the game's predecessor, never took place in any specific period featured in the official games; rather, it had its own world. Super Velocity keeps this in check with only Sonic, Dr. Robotnik and a new, red eyed hedgehog villain featured as the cast.


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