Sonic Spinball (Game Gear prototype 0307)

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Sonic Spinball
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Game Gear
ROM size: 512 KB
Genre: Action

Sonic Spinball prototype 0307 for the Game Gear was released by drx during the February 23rd, 2008 proto release.

Various differences

Sonic Spinball (GG) prototype 0307
Sonic Spinball (GG) prototype 0415-final

The Sega screen has the extra text *_=Beta=_* 022894. Also there is no rolling Sonic in the intro. The logo has a wave effect and has no flashing palette. Unfortunately as soon as the logo starts the wave effect, the game crashes. You need to skip the wave effect (which is best done by holding START before the logo starts to wave) to skip the crash.

  • Title Screen has no Copyright.
  • Options screen cannot be accessed.
  • No flashing on the title card text.
  • Holding Start from the screen fade out to the screen fade in will freeze the game if after the fade in there's a cutscene, a level title card, or an intermission screen.
  • The third screen of the intro has no sprites.
  • No pause text or point display while paused.
  • The engine of the game is broken. There's a wonky collision detection and if Sonic stands idle on the ground, his sprite glitches. In the frames his sprite glitches he cannot do a Spin Dash. Sonic controls are broken too because when he moves on the left he goes fast but he can't stop, but if he moves on the right he goes very slow and can stop.
  • Flippers move slower.
  • Some sprites don't load their graphics correctly.
  • Levels can be skipped by pressing Down or 1 while the game is paused. You can also press 2 to move Sonic anywhere. Using debug can glitch up sprites and can be also used when Sonic is about to lose a life to save him.
  • Explosions when destroying enemies display garbage tiles instead.
  • Secret monitors are not implemented in this build and their secret areas are closed.
  • The "launchers" (blocks on the top of two red arrows) in the levels don't work, and can even make Sonic stuck.
  • There is a texture in the background near the first paddles in Toxic Pools, where there isn't one in the final.
  • Intermission screens are more basic, consisting of yellow text on a blue background.
  • In Lava Powerhouse, the secret way near the Start Area is missing. The bonus area with rings it should lead to is present, however.
  • Bonus Stages have a different object layout, when you get half of the rings the door is still closed but you can go through it. However this leads to a pit.
  • Because of the wonky controls Sonic can get stuck if he jumps near the corners of the Bonus Stage.
  • The third Bonus Stage has starts near the bottom of the level, and the water drains as soon as the level starts.
  • When you run out of lives or beat the game you get a screen with scrolling stars. This leads to a cutscene of a volcano sinking into the ocean. This would be the final version's the ending sequence, albeit with Sonic and Robotnik sprites.


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File: Sonic_Spinball_(Prototype_0307_-_Mar_07,_1994,_05.24).rar (201 kB) (info)

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