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The following is a list of magazine articles for Sonic Spinball.

File Date Source Article type Title and comments Writer(s) Review score
CVG UK 151.pdf 1994-06 Computer and Video Games #151 News "News: Sonic Spinball"
Short paragraph about the Game Gear version, said to be released that Summer.
MeanMachinesSega20UK.pdf 1994-06 Mean Machines Sega #20 News "Strangely Sonic"
Short article about the Game Gear version, with an expected July release date.
SegaMagazin DE 07.pdf 1994-06 Sega Magazin #7 Review "Review: Sonic Spinball"
MeanMachinesSega21UK.pdf 1994-07 Mean Machines Sega #21 Preview "Game Gear Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball"
Single-page preview of the Game Gear version. The game is described as a straight conversion of the Mega Drive version, except for different bonus stages. It is stated to be 80% complete with a May release date (probably a misprint).
SegaMagazin DE 10.pdf 1994-09 Sega Magazin #10 News "Newsbox: Sonic Kehrt Zurück!"
VideoGames DE 1994-09.pdf 1994-09 Video Games #1994-09 Review "ROM Check: Sonic Spinball"
VideoGames US 68.pdf 1994-09 VideoGames #68 Review "Sonic Spinball"
MeanMachinesSega24UK.pdf 1994-10 Mean Machines Sega #24 Review "Game Gear Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball"
Two-page review of the Game Gear version. The writers describe the game as fun, working well with the smaller screen size and still being fast. Overall a positive review with a good score of 90%.
Gus Swan, Paul Bufton 90
SegaMagazin DE 11.pdf 1994-10 Sega Magazin #11 News "Newsbox: 3 Neue Sonic-Spiele!"
SuperGamePower BR 014.pdf 1995-05 SuperGamePower #14 Review "Master: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball"

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