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The following is a list of magazine articles for Sonic Spinball.

File Date Source Title and comments
CVG UK 151.pdf "News: Sonic Spinball"
Short paragraph about the Game Gear version, said to be released that Summer.
MeanMachinesSega20UK.pdf "Strangely Sonic"
Short article about the Game Gear version, with an expected July release date.
SegaMagazin DE 07.pdf "Review: Sonic Spinball"
MeanMachinesSega21UK.pdf "Game Gear Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball"
Single-page preview of the Game Gear version. The game is described as a straight conversion of the Mega Drive version, except for different bonus stages. It is stated to be 80% complete with a May release date (probably a misprint).
SegaMagazin DE 10.pdf "Newsbox: Sonic Kehrt Zurück!"
VideoGames DE 1994-09.pdf "ROM Check: Sonic Spinball"
VideoGames US 68.pdf "Sonic Spinball"
MeanMachinesSega24UK.pdf "Game Gear Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball"
Two-page review of the Game Gear version. The writers describe the game as fun, working well with the smaller screen size and still being fast. Overall a positive review with a good score of 90%.
SegaMagazin DE 11.pdf "Newsbox: 3 Neue Sonic-Spiele!"
SuperGamePower BR 014.pdf "Master: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball"

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