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Android: 2.0.3

"Update Details"
・Bug fixes.

Android: 2.0.1

"Update Details"
・Bug fixes.

Android: 2.0.0

"Update Details"

・'Quick Mode' Added.
・'Daily Battle' Added.

・Runners' League/Ranking Parameters Adjusted.
・Login Bonus Added
・Limit Break Added to Playable Characters.
・Buddy Max Level Increased.
・Premium Roulette Updated.
・Item Roulette Updated.
・No. of Lives Increased & Life Recharge Time Reduced.
・Friend Invite Rewards Updated.
・Tutorial Simplified.

"Other/Bug Fixes"
・UI Updated.
・Various Parameters Adjusted.
・Various Performance Improvements.
・Misc./Minor bug fixes.

Android: 1.1.4

"Update Details"

・Loading Times Reduced
Page loading times have been reduced.

・Cache Clearing Feature Added
You are now able to clear old data from the cache. This allows you to relieve pressure on your device's storage space.

Others/Bug Fixes
・Various Parameter Adjustments
・Bug Fixes

Android: 1.1.3

Update Details
・Tutorial Update
Adjusted so gameplay starts sooner
・Load Time Shortened
Title Screen loading time shortened
・Loading Bar Added
・Color Power Adjustments
Color Powers take affect after defeating Eggman when continuing
・Buddies Updated
Cartridge: Adjacent Buddy effects corrected
Blowfish Transporter: Animation Updated
■Others, Bug Fixes
・Various Parameter Adjustments
・Bug Fixes

Android: 1.1.1

Bug Fix

Android: 1.0.2

■Update Details
・Map Display for Random Stages
You can now verify Random Stage types by icon. Check the icon displayed at the top right of the Episode Map to confirm the stage type before choosing a character!
・Rank Displayed when Reaching a High Score
Your Rank will be displayed when you reach a new high score.
Now you can quickly check your Ranking!
・High Scores have a new Display Method
The results screen will now display your weekly high score.
・Others. Small bug fixes

iOS: 2.0.3

"Update Details"
・Bug fixes.

iOS: 1.1.1

Bug Fix

iOS: 1.1.0

Sonic Runners is live worldwide!


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