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The following are instruction manuals for the Sega Saturn and PC game Sonic R.


Japanese story translated into English

SonicR Sat JP manual.pdfSonicR Sat JP manual.pdf

Translated by: zlel (aka anon2002); Edited and obtained by Big Smile.

After numerous duels with Dr. Eggman, Tails, full of respect for Sonic, joins Sonic and gang, and on their journey of adventure, Tails and Sonic looked up at a big screen on a building, and they saw a commercial that said:

"World Grand Prix Challengers Wanted!!"

"Sonic, Sonic, it says they're competing to be the fastest in the world"

Tails said with much enthusiasm.

"I think you should go for it! I have no doubts you will win for sure! Hmm… maybe I too can give it a shot and pitch my skills against the others!"

"Race? ….. I'm not into these…"

Sonic was in the least interested. But just before he turned to leave, the next scene caught his attention.

"Tails, I'll do it!"

He said hastily and went ahead.

"Wait for me, Sonic!"

Tails hurriedly gave him chase. What Sonic saw on the screen was

Participant list : Dr Eggman

Sonic was not the only who caught sight of this worldwide video broadcast. News of this race reached Sonic's good rival Knuckles and Amy, the girl who liked Sonic.

"Let me show you the true winner at the grand prix, Sonic!"

"Sonic will surely be in this race! Wait for me, Sonic!!!!"

Someone was observing all this via a satellite. His name was Dr Eggman, the super-scientist of evil who had been repeatedly challenging Sonic.

"Da…. haha……. you've fallen into my trap, Sonic! Now that I know that the Chaos Emerald is somewhere along the route of the race, all I need is to sit back and wait for Sonic and gang to help me chance upon it! And of course, I will have no trouble dealing with Sonic during the race, since I have this secret weapon with me…"

Said Dr Eggman as he turned around to rest his eyes on a row of humanoid shadows whose eyes sparkled with a certain sinisterness.

"da….haha…… my perfect plan will finally lead me into the dominion of the world I have dreamnt so long about! daaahahaha!!!!"

Can Sonic stop Dr Eggman's evil ambitions? How will the World Grand Prix turn out? There it goes, the Wold Grand Prix begins!

Sonic R

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