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This page has a list of magazine articles for Sonic R.

File Date Source Title and comments
GameFan US 0511.pdf


GameFan (US) Not implemented!

File Date Source Title and comments
CVG UK Freeplay 15.pdf "What's Going Down at Sega?"
Paragraph mentioning "Sonic Racing", Sega's answer to Mario Kart.
CVG UK 189.pdf "New Games: Sonic R"
Short article showing an early demo of the game, said to be 20% complete.
CVG UK Freeplay 16.pdf "The Red-Hot Rumours Dept. Burning Up!"
Short paragraph mentioning Sonic R, which also suggests Mighty the Armadillo will be in the game.
GameInformer US 054.pdf "Saturn Preview: Sonic R"
A short preview of Sonic R in the October 1997 issue of American gaming magazine Game Informer. The screenshots are from a "40% complete" build.
SSM UK 22.pdf SSM UK 22.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic R"
A five page "exclusive" preview of Sonic R following its showing at E3 1997. The last page features an interview with Kats Sato.
CVG UK 190.pdf "Sonic R: Catch Him if You Can!"
One-page article about the game as shown at E3 1997.
ConsolesNews FR 14.pdf "News: Sonic R"
EGM US 098.pdf "Sonic R"
SuperGamePower BR 043.pdf "Sonic R"
SSM UK 24.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic R"
A second preview of Sonic R in the UK's Sega Saturn Magazine. The last page features an interview with Traveller's Tales programmer Jon Burton.
GamePro US 109.pdf "Sneak Previews: Sonic R"
SSM UK 25.pdf SSM UK 25.pdf "Showcase: Sonic R"
SaturnPower UK 06.pdf SaturnPower UK 06.pdf "Preview: Sonic R"
CVG UK 193.pdf "Review: Sonic R"
SSM UK 26.pdf "Review: Sonic R"
A four-page review of Sonic R in the UK's Sega Saturn Magazine. The game was very well received, with a 95% graphics rating, 90% sound, 92% playability, 93% lastability, and an overall 93% score.
PlayerOne FR 081.pdf "Tests: Sonic R"
CVG UK 194.pdf "Sonic R Supersonic Race Guide"
Three-page guide to the Saturn game, consisting of maps for the first four stages, with coin and Chaos Emerald locations. Also included are tips for beating the "Mecha" challenges.
SSM UK 27.pdf "Sonic R Players Guide"
SaturnPower UK 09.pdf "Review: Sonic R"
SuperGamePower BR 046.pdf "Saturn: Sonic R"
SaturnPower UK 10.pdf "Tips: Sonic R"

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