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File Date Source Title and comments
File:GameFan US 0511.pdf


GameFan (US) Not implemented!

File Date Source Title and comments
File:CVG UK Freeplay 15.pdf "What's Going Down at Sega?"
Paragraph mentioning "Sonic Racing", Sega's answer to Mario Kart.
File:CVG UK 189.pdf "New Games: Sonic R"
Short article showing an early demo of the game, said to be 20% complete.
File:CVG UK Freeplay 16.pdf "The Red-Hot Rumours Dept. Burning Up!"
Short paragraph mentioning Sonic R, which also suggests Mighty the Armadillo will be in the game.
File:GameInformer US 054.pdf "Saturn Preview: Sonic R"
A short preview of Sonic R in the October 1997 issue of American gaming magazine Game Informer. The screenshots are from a "40% complete" build.
File:SSM UK 22.pdf File:SSM UK 22.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic R"
A five page "exclusive" preview of Sonic R following its showing at E3 1997. The last page features an interview with Kats Sato.
File:CVG UK 190.pdf "Sonic R: Catch Him if You Can!"
One-page article about the game as shown at E3 1997.
File:ConsolesNews FR 14.pdf "News: Sonic R"
File:EGM US 098.pdf "Sonic R"
File:SuperGamePower BR 043.pdf "Sonic R"
File:SSM UK 24.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic R"
A second preview of Sonic R in the UK's Sega Saturn Magazine. The last page features an interview with Traveller's Tales programmer Jon Burton.
File:GamePro US 109.pdf "Sneak Previews: Sonic R"
File:SSM UK 25.pdf File:SSM UK 25.pdf "Showcase: Sonic R"
File:SaturnPower UK 06.pdf File:SaturnPower UK 06.pdf "Preview: Sonic R"
File:CVG UK 193.pdf "Review: Sonic R"
File:SSM UK 26.pdf "Review: Sonic R"
A four-page review of Sonic R in the UK's Sega Saturn Magazine. The game was very well received, with a 95% graphics rating, 90% sound, 92% playability, 93% lastability, and an overall 93% score.
File:PlayerOne FR 081.pdf "Tests: Sonic R"
File:CVG UK 194.pdf "Sonic R Supersonic Race Guide"
Three-page guide to the Saturn game, consisting of maps for the first four stages, with coin and Chaos Emerald locations. Also included are tips for beating the "Mecha" challenges.
File:SSM UK 27.pdf "Sonic R Players Guide"
File:SaturnPower UK 09.pdf "Review: Sonic R"
File:SuperGamePower BR 046.pdf "Saturn: Sonic R"
File:SaturnPower UK 10.pdf "Tips: Sonic R"

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