Sonic R OST (Windows/Saturn)

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Due to the high amount of bandwidth it was consuming, downloadable music is no longer offered. Tracks are playable by streaming only. Downloads are unlikely to be restored.

This is the Sonic R OST (Windows/Saturn) for Sonic R.

1. Title
2. Race Start
3. Race Finish
4. Menu
5. Can You Feel the Sunshine (Resort Island)
6. Livin' in the City (Radical City)
7. Back In Time (Regal Ruin)
8. Work it Out (Reactive Factory)
9. Diamond in the Sky (Radiant Emerald)
10. Super Sonic Racing (Main Theme)
11. Can You Feel The Sunshine (Instrumental)
12. Livin' in the City (Instrumental)
13. Back In Time (Instrumental)
14. Work it Out (Instrumental)
15. Diamond in the Sky (Instrumental)
16. Super Sonic Racing (Instrumental)
17. You're My Number One (End Theme)
18. Didn't Get Chaos Emerald
19. Got Chaos Emerald
20. Race Results
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