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The Micheal Kosaka game script gives info on the available characters. Besides the known Sonic characters, two new characters were to be included. Tiara (re-used for the Saturn concept) and King Cyberooski. Partners can be picked up at the end of the level and will become selectable in the next.

Playable characters


The hero of the game and overall leader of the group of heroes.

  • C - Jump
  • B - Call Mips
  • A - A+Down is Spin Dash
  • Double tapping a button twice activates a insta-shield which protects for a split second.


Sonic's friendly immature sidekick. He can fly using his tails or swim while underwater.

  • C - Jump
  • B - No use
  • A - A+Down to Spin Dash
  • Start - Change partner.
  • Double tapping a button twice will allow Tails to fly. Sonic can grab onto the bottom and be carried.


He is Sonics buddy, and is very quick and can fly and climb.

  • C - Jump
  • B - No use
  • A - A+Down to Spin Dash
  • Start - Change partner.
  • Double tapping a button twice will allow Knuckles to glide. If you are near a wall you will grab onto it, you can then climb it.

Bunnie Rabbot

SM Bunnie 1.png

Bunnie Rabbot is described as being strong and a good team player. She has a bio-mechanical arm which can be used as a battering ram, or extendible grabber which can pull her into objects.

  • C - Jump
  • B - No use
  • A - A+Down to extend the arm vertically. If it grabs a object it will bring it back. If it grabs a surface pressing Up will pull you there, and Sonic also if he is nearby. Pressing Down will let you unlatch from the wall.
  • Start - Change partner.


SM Intro 7.png

She is described as being intelligent, practical, courageous, and a clever computer whiz. She uses a mini-computer named NICOLE that she can use to open special doors, disable traps, and access Robotnik's computer. She also has a hoverboard which can be used like to have abilties similar to Tails.

  • C - Jump
  • B - No use
  • A - Use Nicole to reprogram boxes.
  • Double tapping a button twice will make the hoverboard activate. It can be used for flying or surfing. Double tapping again will increase the height above the surface. Sonic can ride along for a short distance until the Hoverboard runs out of power.
  • Start - Change partner.


SM Tiara (Mars).png

The daughter of King Cyberooski. She vies for Sonic's attention (much to Sally's displeasure). When using her powers electricity emits. Her capabilities exceed Tails and rivals Sonics.

  • C - Jump
  • B - No use
  • A - A+Down to Spin Dash.
  • Start - Change partner.
  • Double tapping a button twice will allow Tiara to hover as electric particles. Double tapping will increase height and she can carry Tails for a while until she gets tired.

Non playable characters

King Cyberooski

Not much info is given about him, other than that he is the elderly and benevolent leader of Micro Mobius. He is also the father of Tiara.


The inhabitants of Micro Mobius who are being captured and put inside his Badniks.


Robotic soldiers in Robotniks militia.


The dictator of Robotropolis and also the attempted conquerer of Micro Mobius.

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