Sonic Mars (Opening) Part 3

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This is the third part to the opening of Sonic Mars, which was a early concept of Sonic X-treme. The images and text were taken from the leaked Micheal Kosaka Script.

SM Intro 9s.png Camera pans up to night sky, Sonic fumes.
SM Intro 9t.png Camera pans down to Robotniks lair.
SM Intro 9u.png Robotnik: Excellent. Excellent. With these last adjustments...
SM Intro 9v.png Robotnik: Another chapter in Mobius history will be made tonight!
SM Intro 9w.png Robotnik: ...And you, my dear friends, will you help share in my latest and greatest triumph!
SM Intro 9x.png Sally: You're dreaming, Robotnik. No way any of us would ever help you.
SM Intro 9y.png Robotnik: Au Contraire, princess. You see? Everything is going quite according to plan...

An alarm light flashes.

SM Intro 9z.png Sonic runs through Robotniks Lair.
SM Intro 9za.png He slows to stop.
SM Intro 9zb.png He's in front of a large security door, slightly open.
SM Intro 9zc.png Sonic: something about this stinks like last weeks sardine stew...
SM Intro 9zd.png Sonic: If I were paranoid, I'd say this was a perfect place for a...

Swatbot shadows loom.

SM Intro 9zh.png Sonic: Trap!
SM Intro 9zi.png Several Swat-bots are revealed.
SM Intro 9zj.png Sonic: Sorry, guys, but I ain't got the time to talk over old times.
SM Intro 9zk.png Sonic: I gotta...
SM Intro 9zl.png Sonic: Juice!
SM Intro 9zm.png Laser blasts and smoke fill the area.
SM Intro 9zn.png Swatbot debris litter the ground.
SM Intro 9zo.png Sonic: Gheez, dudes. Don't go to pieces over little ol me.

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