Sonic Mars (Opening) Part 2

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This is the second part to the opening of Sonic Mars, which was a early concept of Sonic X-treme. The images and text were taken from the leaked Micheal Kosaka Script.

SM Intro 9f.png Cut to a view of the great Forest of Mobius.
SM Intro 9g.png Sonic runs by and a Zooming sound effect plays.
SM Intro 9h.png Sonic: Another security alert. From the badlands sector that didn't pan out. Man, all this running around just makes me late for dinner.
SM Intro 9i.png Sonic comes to a screetching stop.
SM Intro 9j.png Sonic: Jumping Bejeezers! What happened to Knothole!?!
SM Intro 9k.png Sonic: Tails?! Sal?! You guys alright? Bunnie? Ant? Where are you?!
SM Intro 9l.png Sonic: Hmmm whats this??
SM Intro 9m.png Sonic picks up a Micro hologram transceiver.
SM Intro 9n.png Robotnik: Tsk, Tsk, Sorry we missed you, Sludgehog. It seems my Rauderbots decided to have their little party without you.
SM Intro 9o.png Robotnik: But don't worry, your friends were most gracious hosts...
SM Intro 9p.png Sonic: Chuck the chat. Ro-butt-nik. Where's Tails, Sal and the rest?! If you've hurt them in any way, man, I'll take you apart, Bolt by dispicable bolt.
SM Intro 9q.png Robotnik: My dear moronic Sonic, you are hardly in a position to make threats. Why, in fact, you are superfluous to my needs. Without your band of do-gooders, you may as well go stuff chilli dogs till you drop.
SM Intro 9r.png Sonic: Listen here, butt-nik. If you think I'm..

Robotnik: Taa taa, hedgehog. *Pzzt*
Sonic: ...

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