Sonic Mars (Opening) Part 1

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This is the first part of the Opening of Sonic Mars, which was a early concept of Sonic X-treme. The images and text was taken from the leaked Micheal Kosaka Script.

SM Intro 1.png It is late evening. Sonic looks over the land with his binoculars.
SM Intro 2.png Sillouette of Sonic on hilltop, he has a binocular to his eyes.
SM Intro 3.png Sonic: Bummer, no sign of Swatbots here. Looks like another false alarm.
SM Intro 4.png Sonic: Guess, it's time to book home for some serious chow.
SM Intro 5.png Zoom in on Knothole, through leaves. There is a glow from the windows.
SM Intro 6.png Computer screen backlights. Bunnie, Sally, Tails, Antoine enter from the right and join group.

Sally: There it is again, Bunnie!
Bunnie: You're right, Sally. There IS something strange going on in the core dio-processing computer!

SM Intro 7.png Tails: What's going on Sally?

Sally: I've been doing a standard level six monitoring of Robotnik's CDP computer. You know, it's his routine maintenance and support system...

SM Intro 8.png Sally: ... And everytime I scan through this particular sector of systems protocol, I get back these series of numbers!

Antoine: Sacre Bleu! What can this be?

SM Intro 9.png Tails: Looks like Gibberish to me.

Bunnie: I don't think so, Tails. It's a repeating set of numbers that actually seems to respond to Sally's scan.

SM Intro 9a.png Exterior of Cabin. Security-Bot glides into lower edge of frame.

Sally: NICOLE, interpret These series of numbers.
NICOLE T ROBOT: Working...

SM Intro 9b.png Antoine: Perhaps this is some kind of warning sign?

Tails: Yeah, like Keep out.
Sally: Could be, guys. Let's see what NICOLE comes up with...

SM Intro 9c.png Sally: Oh, my gosh!
SM Intro 9d.png It turns out to be a distress call from the inhabitants of a computer VR world (Micro Mobius), which Dr. Robotnik is trying to take over.

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