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According to the Micheal Kosaka script, there were two endings planned out. One is the bad ending which is shown when all seven emeralds are not collected. The other is the good ending which is given when all the emeralds are collected.

Bad Ending

SM Incomplete Ending.png

There is no ending cutscene played, it simply scrolls the credits followed by a "The End" screen with Sonic and a random partner (possibly Tails).

Good Ending

A cutscene is played, then the credits scroll followed by a "The End" screen with Sonic and Tails


SM Complete Ending 1.png

New Knothole Village is being rebuilt by villagers who are working on ladders, carrying wood, sawing logs, etc. They stop when they see Sonic and his friends return and start to cheer. Then the characters start to have a dialogue.

  • Tails appears and says "We're back". Then spinjumps onto a tree branch.
  • Knuckles appears and says "Check it out! Knothole's being rebuilt..." He then climbs onto a tree branch.
  • Bunnie appears and says "...And in a new place Robotnik will never find!" then extends arm to a tree branch and pulls herself up.
  • Sally appears and says "That's if Robotnik ever escapes his own endless loop trap!" She then jumps on a rock.
  • Sonic, Cyberooski, and Tiara appear. Cyberooski says "Thank you, Sonic, for saving Micro Mobius".
  • Tiara says "You and your friends can visit us any time" then hugs Sonic, Sally scowls.
  • Sonic says "No problemo, Tiara. Glad we could help!"
  • Cyberooski says "Goodbye, everyone. And thank you!"

One by one Tails, Knuckles, Bunnie, and Sally come down and gather around Sonic. They hoist Sonic up and start bouncing him shouting "Hip, hip, hor..."

Sonic shouts "...Ray"! and is propelled high into the air. Scroll treetop background vertically. When treetop screen ends, Sonic freezes and flashes a big thumbs up. he continues off the top of the screen.

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