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This section covers the game concept of Sonic Mars, according to leaked Don Goddard game script. This version is sometimes referred to as Sonic 32X. It seems to have little in common with the concept found in the Micheal Kosaka script. Sonic is the main character and no other main characters are mentioned. Even though Sonic Cult refers to this game as this Sonic 32X, the 32X isn't mentioned in the script, only Genesis. However, the script mentions sprites and polygons so it probably was 32X as there was only 1 polygonal game on genesis, and the chip used to create polygons brought the cost of the cartridge up to $100 USD.


Shadow World


Not much is mentioned about this world other than there are swinging spiders that pop out of the shadows. Before they swing out you can see a light reflection from their eyes but occasionally these light reflections will be from normal animals.

Jungle World

Act 1: Jungle Zone


The level starts on a cliff, from there you need to jump on a swinging vine. You can move up and down the vine with the d-pad or press Left, Right, and a button to jump to a nearby vine. There is no floor so you need to make sure you land on a vine. You swing vine to vine until a long stagnant vine appears which leads to the next Act.

This level also has swinging spiders. There are also flying insects that try to knock you off the vine or cause you to lose rings. There are also spiderwebs which if you land on you have to wrestle free from and defeat the spider.

Act 2: Waterfall Zone


After getting off the vine from the last level you land on another cliff. From there you need to jump from rock to rock the entire length of a waterfall being careful not to be knocked off by the steam of water.

Enemies planned are more mostly harmless wildlife. Mother birds that are protecting their nests and squirrels which throw nuts.

Act 3: Logjammer Zone


At the bottom of the waterfall a colony of beavers push logs down the river. The logs will float offscreen so you need to jump from log to log. The water is shallow so it is possible to jump in it and collect powerups sitting in it. Sonic needs to avoid being crushed by the logs also.

The only enemies planned are Beavers. They can climb on the log and bite or swat you with their tail. If Sonic is in the water with them they can't bite but will swim faster.

Special Levels

Sonic Bowling


A possible minigame would be called Sonic bowling. Sonic would roll into a ball and move down the alley and and either knock down a row of pins, or collect a row of rings.

Rabbit Races


A jealous rabbit character will frequently challenge Sonic to a race. He is slower than Sonic so he relies on traps, like trip cords and catapulting platforms to beat him. When he's far enough ahead he rests and sits agains a tree mocking you. The script mentions that it would be a bonus round available for use on certain rounds.


A few people are credited in the script:

  • Chris - Director/Game Designer
  • Ofer - Technical Programmer
  • Me (Don Goddard?) - Lead Programmer/Game Designer
  • Mark - Tools Programmers
  • Robert - Tools Programmers
  • Adrian - Reference
  • Mike Wallis - Producer

Other Concept Art

The Sonic sprites were drawn by Chris Senn.

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