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Player bugs

Eternal combo


While a character is in the air, hitting enemies increases a hidden counter that decides how many points to award. The first few enemies are worth 100, 200 then 500 points, then the next few are worth 1000. Eventually, enemies are worth 10000 points.

The counter resets when a character lands back on the ground. But if enemies are hit with a rolling attack and the player never goes off the ground, the counter never resets - rolling back and forth in areas with regenerating enemies such as the Splats in Press Garden Zone Act 1 can let the player max out their lives counter at 99 quickly by collecting vast amounts of 10000 point awards (an extra life is awarded every 50000 points).

  • Present in Steam build ID 2077506

Not fixed in any version.

Sign collision detection


The Signpost has faulty collision detection - in several Acts (most notably Metallic Madness Zone Act 1) with ceilings, it is possible to drive it into the ceiling, causing it to vibrate in a glitched manner until it falls out of the ceiling. With persistent effort, it is even possible to drive the sign entirely into the ceiling, causing it to be placed within it.

Not fixed in any version.

Knuckles in Mirage Saloon glitches


Using Debug mode or the Dev Menu, Knuckles can access Sonic's version of Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1. This leads to at least two glitches:

  • The cutscene where Heavy Magician knocks Knuckles off the Tornado sees the Heavy knock a 'GOT' off the Tornado instead.
  • When Knuckles finishes the cutscene at the end of the Act, he glitches back to where he normally starts Act 2.

Not fixed in any version.


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