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These are the achievements and trophies for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam versions of Sonic Mania.

Name Picture Xbox Live
PSN Trophy Description Requirements
No Way? No Way! SMania NoWayNoWay.png 100 PlayStation Trophy Silver.png Collect gold medallions in Blue Spheres Bonus stage Collect all 32 gold medallions
Full Medal Jacket SMania FullMedalJacket.png 75 PlayStation Trophy Silver.png Collect silver medallions in Blue Spheres Bonus stage Collect all 32 silver medals
Magnificent Seven SMania MagnificentSeven.png 75 PlayStation Trophy Silver.png Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds Complete all seven Special Stages.
See You Next Game SMania SeeYouNextGame.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Achieve any ending Defeat the Phantom Egg and also the Phantom King & Klepto Mobile if you have all Chaos Emeralds.
Superstar SMania Superstar.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Spin the Star Post! Reach Star Posts 10 times.
That's a Two-fer SMania ThatsATwofer.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Find the hidden item boxes at the end of the Zone Reveal two hidden item boxes using the Signpost at the end of the first Act of any zone.
Now It Can't Hurt You Anymore SMania NowItCantHurtYouAnymore.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png What would happen if you cross a bridge with a fire shield? Walk on a spiky bridge in Green Hill Zone with a Fire Shield.
Triple Trouble SMania TripleTrouble.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Try for a 3 chain combo! Get a Puyo chain of 3 or more groups in the Mean Bean Machine boss fight or in Mean Bean mode.
The Most Famous Hedgehog in the World SMania TheMostFamousHedgehogInTheWorld.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Have your photos taken in Studiopolis Zone Let the Shutterbugs take your photograph 10 times.
Window Shopping SMania WindowShopping.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Let the wind take you through Somewhere in Flying Battery Zone Act 2, there are two windows with rings going through them. Jump through the window on the right.
Crate Expectations SMania CrateExpectations.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Wreak havoc at the propaganda factory Find the crate room in Press Garden Zone Act 1 and destroy all the crates using the Fire Shield provided in the room.
King of Speed SMania KingOfSpeed.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Get through Stardust Speedway Zone as quickly as possible Reach the boss area of Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2 in less than 1 minute.
Boat Enthusiast SMania BoatEnthusiast.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png We really like boats Ride on all the boats in Hydrocity Zone Act 1.
The Password is "Special Stage" SMania ThePasswordIsSpecialStage.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Try pushing a barrel to see how far it goes Push the barrel that leads to a Giant Ring in Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2.
Secret Sub SMania SecretSub.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png You might have to submerge to find it Find the secret sub in Oil Ocean Zone Act 2.
Without a Trace SMania WithoutATrace.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Barrel through the lava, don't let anything stop you Destroy a Rexon using a walking platform mech in Lava Reef Zone.
Collect 'Em All SMania CollectEmAll.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png Gotta gacha 'em all Release all 8 of the Gachapandora's capsules without destroying any of the tiny robots inside.
Professional Hedgehog SMania ProfessionalHedgehog.png 50 PlayStation Trophy Bronze.png That elusive perfect run, only a professional can achieve Clear Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1 without getting hurt.

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