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Sonic Hacking Community
Current owner(s): saxman
Created on: Jan. 1, 2001
Current status: Offline

Sonic Hacking Community (aka SHaC) was a page created by saxman and launched on January 1, 2001. SHaC was quite successful, getting roughly between 1000-2000 visitors weekly. SHaC hosted saxman's hacking pages, including the Sonic 2 Hacking Guide. It also served as a data collection center for Sonic hacks, hacking utitilies, and reviews, and it was the launching pad for the Chaos level editor.

SHaC was initially hosted by ZTNet, but it was moved over to Sonic CulT's host. SHaC disappeared from the web only days from its third anniversary in late 2003 when hosting was abruptly cut off. It was revived later by Ultima, but miscommunication between him and saxman resulted in the site not being updated and eventually being taken down.