Sonic Gems Collection OST

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This is the Sonic the Hedgehog OSV of the exclusive Music Tracks available in the Sonic Museum of Sonic Gems Collection. All music ripped by Biggestsonicfan. To listen to a track, press play next to that track's name. Because of the high quantity of bandwidth consumed, downloadable versions of the music are no longer available.

1. Title Screen <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Title_Screen.mp3</flashmp3>
2. Long Intro <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Long_Intro.mp3</flashmp3>
3. Menu <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Menu.mp3</flashmp3>
4. Games Menu <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Games_Menu.mp3</flashmp3>
5. Manuals Menu <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Manuals_Menu.mp3</flashmp3>
6. Gems Museum (Theme) <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Gems_Museum_(Theme).mp3</flashmp3>
7. Are You Brave? <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Are_You_Brave.mp3</flashmp3>
8. Fairy Of A.I.F. <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Fairy_Of_AIF.mp3</flashmp3>
9. Sonic 6290 Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Sonic_6290_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
10. Sonic After-6290 Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Sonic_After-6290_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
11. Sonic Boom D'nB Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Sonic_Boom_DnB_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
12. Can You Feel The Sunshine ACID Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Can_You_Feel_The_Sunshine_ACID_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
13. Living In The City LTN Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Living_In_The_City_LTN_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
14. Sonic Goes UG Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Sonic_Goes_UG_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
15. Sonic 3 MegaD Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Sonic_3_MegaD_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
16. Open Your Heart MJZ Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Open_Your_Heart_MJZ_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
17. Sonic Heroes No-GTR Mix <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Sonic_Heroes_No-GTR_Mix.mp3</flashmp3>
18. Credits <flashmp3>Sonic Gems Collection/Sonic_Gems_Collection_Credits.mp3</flashmp3>

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