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iOS: 4.2.1

Minor bug fixes

iOS: 4.1


iOS: 4.0

A whole new look for Sonic Comics!

iOS: 3.5.1

Fixes Restore In-App Purchases function.

iOS: 3.5

- Faster image and application loading
- Improved list scrolling
- Alpha numeric shelf organization for all comic titles
- Improved Live Shelf Search for easily sorting your collection
- You can now READ comics directly from the store after purchase
- Dozens of tweaks and bug fixes to improve the overall app experience

The largest change, however, is the all-new "Original Page View" viewing option for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

This new feature allows you to see HD versions of the original comic book pages EXACTLY as the comic book creators intended! These unaltered pages are not adapted for the screen, and you are not guided through the viewing experience. You can freely pinch and zoom however you like. Intelligent zooming will focus in directly on the screen where ever you tap, letting you explore the artwork in more detail, or read smaller text more clearly.

On the iPad you now have a choice between using this single page landscape view, or switching to a two page spread landscape view. These two views can be toggled back and forth with the press of a button.

On the iPhone or iPod Touch you can now choose between viewing the original unaltered pages or an adapted view customized specifically for the iPhone screen!

iOS: 3.3

Performance enhancements and bug fixes.