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Art Description
SonicClassicCollection loadingempty.png
SonicClassicCollection loadingfull.png
SonicClassicCollection savingempty.png
Graphics for saving and loading. Game progress is saved/loaded instantaneously, rendering these unused. A "full" version of the saving graphics is not included, but an earlier version of it can be seen in this image from Brooke Luder's portfolio.[1]
SonicClassicCollection mobi.png
The logo for the MobiClip video codec. This would have been used for a movies section that was confirmed by the British Board of Film Classification, but wasn't included in the final game.[2]
SonicClassicCollection moviestart.png
SonicClassicCollection moviecontrol0.png
SonicClassicCollection moviecontrol1.png
Graphics that may have been intended to be use when movies are playing. These are named "moviestart", "moviecontrol0" and "moviecontrol1" in the game data files.
SonicClassicCollection selmovie 0.png
SonicClassicCollection selmovie0 0.png
SonicClassicCollection selmovie1 0.png
Graphics that may have been intended to be used for selecting movies. These are named "selmovie_0", "selmovie0_0" and "selmovie1_0" in the game data files.


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