Sonic CD JPN/PAL Looping Project

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The Sonic CD (Japan & PAL Regions) Looping Project basically creates versions of the songs that don't fade out in the end or cut off abruptly. Using sound editing software such as Audacity and a good ear, Gene Fujimori (GeneHF) edited each of the songs to what they might have sounded like if the audio was not put as CD Track data and had looping points. The current release offers the tracks arranged in a style similar to if the tracks had a proper CD release, akin to Sonic the Hedgehog Boom for the U.S. soundtrack.

Below is the end result. These took a while to create so if you use them, please credit him. To listen to a track, click on the track's name, provided you have a plugin such as Quicktime installed. To download this track as an MP3, right-click on the link and hit Save Link As.

1. Palmtree Panic [download]
2. Palmtree Panic ~Good Future~ [download]
3. Palmtree Panic ~Bad Future~ [download]
4. Collision Chaos [download]
5. Collision Chaos ~Good Future~ [download]
6. Collision Chaos ~Bad Future~ [download]
7. Tidal Tempest [download]
8. Tidal Tempest ~Good Future~ [download]
9. Tidal Tempest ~Bad Future~ [download]
10. Quartz Quadrant [download]
11. Quartz Quadrant ~Good Future~ [download]
12. Quartz Quadrant ~Bad Future~ [download]
13. Wacky Workbench [download]
14. Wacky Workbench ~Good Future~ [download]
15. Wacky Workbench ~Bad Future~ [download]
16. Stardust Speedway [download]
17. Stardust Speedway ~Good Future~ [download]
18. Stardust Speedway ~Bad Future~ [download]
19. Metallic Madness [download]
20. Metallic Madness ~Good Future~ [download]
21. Metallic Madness ~Bad Future~ [download]
22. Boss!! [download]
23. Final Fever (Final Boss) [download]
24. Special Stage [download]
25. D.A. Garden ("Little Planet") [download]
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