Sonic Brick

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Sonic Brick
Latest release date: 1997
Engine: Kilk & Play
Credits: Johan Leion

Sonic Brick is an early Sonic fan game made in Kilk & Play by Johan Leion in 1997.


Like the most of you know, the Death Egg was destroyed in Sonic's third big adventure and Robotnik hasn't enough of resources to build a new one or even a new Badnik army. So he takes what he haves and builds the Brick Egg it's a smaller version of the Death Egg and it makes little stone bricks out of rocks that it bombs the ground with. Now Sonic and Tails have to stop this machine before it's too late.


Its gameplay is a simple Breakout clone where the player moves Tails, who is in place of the paddle, with the mouse to bounce Sonic, in place of the ball, to hit the bricks and continue to the next level. Randomly, Knuckles will show up and help the player by destroying bricks, Eggman will show up and place more bricks for the player to destroy, and Mecha Sonic will appear placing non-destroyable bricks that the player has to bounce around.



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