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Sonic Blast
System(s): TV Game
Publisher: Techno Source
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Sega Game Gear
2005 $? ?

Sonic Blast is one of the plug-and-play game consoles created by Techno Source. It requires 3 AA batteries. Only one game is included, which is the Game Gear version of Sonic Blast.

Quirks and Oddities

The audio is messed up in the TV Game version, causing the pitch to be higher and some channels being far louder than in the original Game Gear release. The former likely applies to all sound (we cannot tell since all audio has as of yet not been uploaded to YouTube, but it is definitely likely), but the latter is especially apparent in the Boss theme, one of the only two tracks from this version uploaded (the other being Red Volcano Zone).

The manual for the TV Game has a screenshot of the title screen of G-Sonic (the Japanese version of Sonic Blast).

The art of the Badniks in the manual are brusharts, strangely enough. This also includes Dr. Eggman.


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Physical scans

Game Gear, ??


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