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Version comparisons

There are only a few differences between both the Game Gear and Master System versions of Sonic Blast. Unlike previous 8-bit titles such as Sonic Chaos where the Master System version was made first, Sonic Blast was originally released on the Game Gear for all territories and later ported to the Master System for the Brazilian market, albeit in a quick fashion as seen below.

G Sonic title.png
Game Gear
SonicBlast SMS Title.png
Master System

The title screen wasn't optimized for the Master System port. The developers simply added a white border around the title screen.

SonicBlast GG TitleCard.png
Game Gear
SonicBlast SMS TitleCard.png
Master System

The title cards and results screens were not optimized for the Master System's larger screen as well.

Green Hill Blast.png
Game Gear
SonicBlast SMS GreenHill.png
Master System

The Master System has a far smaller colour palette than the Game Gear, leading to a very noticeable downgrade in visual quality. For example, backgrounds are much simpler, lacking gradients.

SonicBlast GG SpecialStageAct1.png
Game Gear
SonicBlast SMS SpecialStageAct1.png
Master System

Like the title screen, the Special Stages were also not optimized for the Master System's larger screen. Objects that scroll past the player will overlap the black border.

Localisation comparisons

GSonic GG JP Title.png
Japanese system
G Sonic title.png
Western systems

The game is called G Sonic in Japan. Since the ROM is the same for all regions, the game will change its title screen accordingly based on what region system it detects.


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