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  • This level seems to have all of its textures and geometry intact, and appears to be largely similar to the final version in this respect.
  • This level was compiled in September, which means it can't be loaded without intensive hacking due to expecting a different version of 1ST_READ.bin.
Sonic's Twinkle Park (Act 1)
  • A camera file, CAM0300.BIN, exists for this part of the stage, but lacks a character suffix to indicate who would be using it (the camera file actually used by the game is CAM0300S.BIN, with the "S" for "Sonic"). This file's date is July 30, 1998, while the one used in this build is dated September 18, 1998; this file and the used one have few differences.
  • The bumper car ring at the beginning of the stage has a massive item (it is not an object and lacks collision entirely) in the middle of it.
  • The objects in this level's set file do not match with the layout of the stage - nothing seems to appear.
Amy's Twinkle Park (Act 2)
  • The end of the room of mirrors is different - in the final it makes it look like Amy has to walk into a reflection, whereas here it ends in a straightforward manner.


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