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  • The level has SET files for each area, but four out of the six are blank.
  • Nearly all of its textures are missing, though the levels make reference to them.
  • Contained in the build is the file ADV00OBJ.PRS. This is object/code data for this adventure field - in the final, this code is within ADV00.PRS, but in this build it is its own separate file.
  • This adventure field in particular has several odd camera files:
    • The filenames have the format "CAMSETSS##S.BIN". The final files used, which also present alongside these in the build, use the format CAMSS##S.BIN instead. Oddly, the files that use the final filenames are actually much older than these unused ones, and contain nothing but blank data.
    • CAMSETSS00S.BIN is a camera file for Station Square City Hall as Sonic, and actually has some camera data in it. It is dated September 21, 1998.
    • CAMSETSS01S.BIN is a camera file for Station Square Casino as Sonic.
    • CAMSETSS02S.BIN is a camera file for Station Square Sewer as Sonic.
    • CAMSETSS03S.BIN is a camera file for Station Square Train Station as Sonic.
    • CAMSETSS04S.BIN is a camera file for Station Square Hotel as Sonic.
    • CAMSETSS05S.BIN is a camera file for Station Square Twinkle Park as Sonic.
  • The water is present, but is invisible due to the map being incomplete.
  • The lighting files are present and identical to those used in the final, but are unused in this build.
Main Area (Station)
  • The hotel has a giant "HOTEL" sign over its entrance.
  • The entrance to Twinkle Park is entirely different, and more castle-like. In the final, it is more futuristic, possibly indicating that the kart track the level opens with came after this version of the Adventure Field has made, and the exterior was updated to have a more futuristic feel to match that.
  • The water/sewer area that Big can get a lure and where Tails can go to get the Air Anklet has a much lower ceiling.
  • The slope between the street and the beach is less drastic.
  • The dock that leads to the boat that would take you to the Egg Carrier is missing entirely. This implies that originally, the player might not have been able to go back to the Egg Carrier after clearing the game.
  • The CYBER-NET INC building that Sonic and Tails both enter Speed Highway from is much taller in this build.
Twinkle Park Entrance
  • Its file is just a copy of SETSS00, the City Hall area (see below).
Hotel Area (Inside)
  • The player does not have a spawn point for this area.
  • The room has a chandelier hanging on the ceiling that is not present in the final (likely removed to make room for the Crystal Ring puzzle).
  • There's a ladder leading up to the area that has the Crystal Ring in the final; it can be seen in some really old pre-release screenshots. The area also has wooden railings. In the final, there is no ladder or the railing blocking it off - Sonic has to use the Light Speed Dash to get there.
Hotel Area (Outside)
  • The tables and chairs are arranged a bit haphazardly around the pool area, as seen in some pre-release screenshots. In the final, they're all lined up against the building.
  • The area near the shallow end of the pool (where the steps are) has only rows of long chairs alongside the building - in the final there are long chairs and tables.
Casino Area
  • The train station has no entrance.
  • The stairs leading to the train station entrance cannot be walked up - the player has to repeatedly jump to ascend them.
  • You can walk along the train tracks. In the final, the tracks are enclosed in glass can thus cannot be reached by the player.
  • The front of the hotel has no collision.
  • The billboard across from the casino entrance does not advertise Chao In Space, instead advertising The Man 3, though only the top-left of the texture is shown. The full texture can actually be seen in the final during the Egg Walker boss fight, indicating that the boss arena is based off of this version of the casino area.
  • There is a poster above an awning in the alley that is not in the final.
City Hall
  • Largely identical to the final, with only a few changes.
  • One door on a building next to the sewer appears to be reflective glass instead of using a texture like in the final.
  • The rock used to swap for the Gold Chao Egg is missing.
  • The emblem inside the burger shop is missing, as is the Burger Man statue that can be picked up and carried.


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