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  • Sky Chase only has one level slot in this build - in the final, there are two Sky Chase levels.
  • Sky Chase's files expect a different version of 1ST_READ.bin, and thus cannot be loaded without extensive hacking.
  • There is a camera file for this stage (CAMSHTS.BIN) that is unused and blank; the build contains the camera files for both used acts of Sky Chase and are identical to the final, so the existence of this single, blank file indicates that the game used to use only one camera file for Sky Chase.
  • There is also a single set file in this build for Sky Chase - in the final, there are two: one for act 1, one for act 2.
  • There is no path data (used to make the levels "on rails") included in this build.
  • The game has texture references for three acts (0/1/2), and three object set files.
  • Act 1 only has "HODAI" enemies in this version - in the final there are other enemy types.
  • Act 2 in this version uses the exact same object placement as Act 1.
  • Act 3 doesn't correspond at all to any final version, because there are only two acts in the final. This object list makes reference to a bunch of everyday household objects - TVs, chairs, sofas, etc.. These can be seen in a preview build of SADX, but there are more types of these objects in this build. The object list also references BOSS, the infamous unused "dragon", which also has a model in this build.


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