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  • This level primarily differs from the original in object and enemy placement. There are few changes to the level geometry, though one of them is that the background walls for many of the areas are missing.
  • The level was compiled September meaning it's unplayable without extensive hacking.
Sonic's Lost World (Act 1)
  • The build has a blank camera file (CAM0700.BIN) for this act of the stage. This has a date of July 30, 1998. As such, the camera is yet again very broken, tending to show the outside of the level geometry instead of the level itself, or getting stuck in the floors.
  • The camera very jankily follows Sonic down when he falls into the stage. In the final it is much smoother.
  • The first room of the level has an open ceiling that is instead blocked off in the final.
  • There are two Boa Boas in the first room. In the final, there is only the one that is immediately seen when the level starts.
  • There are flaming arrows before the circular section.
  • There is a missing booster in the tunnel before the circular section.
  • The circular section has no rings to pick up within it.
  • The lines of rings in the tunnel after the circular section have crooked placement.
  • There is no item capsule in the air when Sonic leaves the second tunnel.
  • There are no platforms after the tunnel.
  • The first checkpoint is missing.
  • The camera has serious issues trying to handle the water serpent room, particularly when the player enters it.
  • There are no stone pillars in the middle of the water serpent room.
  • The exit to the room is already open: there are no colored switches to open the door, nor is there a display for them above the doorway.
  • To the right of the water serpent room entrance, there is a Boa Boa. In the final, there are just breakable stone boxes.
  • To the right of the water serpent room entrance, the large barrier/platform is misplaced - it is slightly floating above the floor. As a result, Sonic can walk under it.
  • The platform with the first switch is entirely missing. Instead there is a platform floating in the air that Sonic can't reach until the water level is raised.
  • There is a set of inverted spikes after the platform. In the final, there are floor spikes at this location.
  • There is another set of inverted spikes and a large L-shaped structure that leads nowhere. In the final, there is nothing here but a row of floor spikes.
  • Past the large L-shaped structure, there is just a stretch of bare floor. In the final, there are floor spikes, rings, and breakable box objects.
  • The platform that in the final would have the blue switch to open the exit instead has a water level switch in its place.
  • The camera tends to clip through platforms and other objects while Sonic rides the serpent.
  • The second water level switch in this version has a Leon guarding it. In the final, this particular switch has no enemies nearby.
  • There is an odd H-shaped platform directly in front of where the second water level switch is. It has no enemies or other items.
  • Sonic can just jump to the door with no trouble after the water level is raised a second time.
Sonic's Lost World (Act 2)
  • The camera has a tendency to kill the player often in this section.
  • The entrance before the mirror section has a gate object that continuously moves up and down. It has a tendency to push Sonic through the floor and kill him if he stands under it. In the final, there are two (completely solid) doors that open when Sonic gets close to them, and they have a more fleshed out opening animation.
  • Only the small, movable mirrors are present, and there are no large mirrors to guide them to. Because of this, there is no way to exit out of controlling one of the mirrors without restarting from a checkpoint from the pause menu.
  • Because the mirror puzzles can't be completed, the snake torches on the sides of the path cannot be lit.
  • The path directly after the first mirror is missing a Sol and the flaming arrows that come after it.
  • The path directly after the second mirror is missing a set of floor spikes between two platforms.
  • The path directly after the third mirror has a Boa Boa instead of a Sol. Of note is that in the final, this is still the case for Knuckles' object layout, hinting that his final object layout is a modified version of the one in this build.
  • The platform that has the fifth mirror inexplicably has a flame pillar object placed next to it in the water that's under the entire room.
  • The path directly after the fifth mirror is longer here than in the final: it has an extra platform with an extra mirror and the path continues on another platform placed at an angle from it. It has a Boa Boa and no flaming arrows. In the final, this is just a single long platform with flaming arrows, leading immediately to the trail of rings needed to continue.
  • The path of rings is a bit more crooked.
  • There are no rings on the water slide after the act's second checkpoint.
  • The three platforms between the sequence of springs at the bottom of the waterfall are missing entirely.
  • The entrance to the boulder chase is missing the door object that temporarily blocks it off in the final. There is another one of the moving gate objects directly after the checkpoint, despite it not being tall enough to accommodate the entrance without it visibly floating when it gets halfway through its animation.
  • There are no item capsules during the boulder chase.
  • The small pillar decorations on the ledge Sonic lands on directly after the boulder chase are placed (brokenly) at 45 degree angles inward. In the final, they are straight up and down.
  • There is another one of the moving gate objects at the entrance to the next hallway, and the end of the hallway is missing its door. In the final, both ends of the hallway have door objects.
  • The checkpoint in this hallway is missing.
  • The small hut at the beginning of the wall tile section has a pillar at the top of it that extends all the way to the ceiling. In the final, it lacks this pillar and also has a ray of light shining down on it.
  • The entrance directly into the wall tile room has another one of the moving gate objects.
  • The switches that move the wall tiles have lights shining up from them.
  • There are three switches placed on the ground floor on pillars of varying heights. In the final, there is the one on the ground, with the others placed in different (higher) places in the room. The placement in this version seems to hint that they were still debugging the tile puzzle.
  • All the enemies are Boa Boas - there are no Sols.
  • The panels start out in the connected positions needed to proceed.
  • The panels never light up and become walkable even when connected. As a result, this level cannot be completed via normal play.
  • The panels move in less random ways in this version, being relatively connected during every move.
  • A platform from what would be the second switch the player comes across in the final is missing here, though there is a very obvious gap in the wall tiling where it should be.
  • The path directly after the first rotating cube platform is a raised platform with floor spikes and a platform equal in elevation to the floor in the room ahead beside it. In the final, it is all just a flat platform with flaming pillars coming out of the walls beside it.
  • The checkpoint in this room is missing.
  • The room where the checkpoint would be only has Leons and a circle of rings. In the final, there are two Sols, some pillars, some breakable box objects, and an item capsule.
  • The final platform before the tunnel that leads to the exit has flaming pillars coming directly out of the walls. In the final, they come out of a thin ledge, which allows the player to hug the wall and jump over them.
  • The tunnel Sonic has to jump into has no rings leading into it.
  • There are no breakable box objects before the second jump down.
  • The switch that spawns the trail of rings to the exit is missing, which naturally means that the act is unable to be completed in normal play.
  • The platform that the switch would be on is just one single platform here, with a small pillar at each corner, behind a full row of floor spikes at the edge of the area. In the final, it's three platforms arranged, with two pillars that the rings would spawn between, and the floor spikes are just far to their respective sides.
  • The end of the level has no end capsule or trigger to end the level, adding yet another reason why the level cannot be completed in normal play.
  • The entrance to the mural room has no wall blocking it, so it leads into the void outside of the level geometry. The ceiling also has no collision.


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