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  • Final Egg has three extra stages in the stage listing and three SET files for those stages. These files are exactly the same as the files for the test maps, which means that FINAL 4/5/6 are in fact clones of the three test maps included with this build. There are also identical camera files for these. One of these is CAM1004S.BIN, which is a camera file intended for Sonic (given the S suffix) - this could actually be the camera file for the first test stage included in this build. CAM1005S.BIN is also included in this build.
Sonic's Final Egg (Act 1)
  • This is the only act with music, likely due to Amy's version of this stage being part of the Autodemo loop.
  • The end of level capsule that is spawned outside of the level geometry at the beginning of the stage in the final is present here as well.
  • Sonic spawns in the path leading up to the level proper. In the final he starts in front of the pink laser obstacles.
  • The beginning of the level lacks half of the laser objects, the spike balls, and the Egg Keepers, being more bare as a result.
  • There is no platform above the pair of spinning spike balls, nor the springs that would allow you to reach it.
  • The spinning spike balls are rotating much faster than in the final.
  • The corridor with the claw machines lacks rings.
  • What would be the first checkpoint in the final is missing here.
  • Amy's path is open instead of being blocked off, and it is completely missing all objects, including the switch to call the elevator and the boxes Amy can hide behind.
  • The area leading up to the rotating tunnel section is missing Spinners and the corner of laser objects walling off some item capsules.
  • A doorway leading to part of the second portion of Amy's Final Egg (where she has to figure out which door allows her to proceed) is present here. This is strange because:
    • In the final, the first elevator Amy takes brings her to a room that has the same level geometry as Sonic's version of the room, but different enemy layouts and no entrance to the massive conveyor belt room in Sonic's version. However, this has to be a different room from Sonic's (as opposed to the same layout as his) because the layouts leading up to their respective versions of the rooms don't in any way line up - Amy has to go straight up in an elevator but Sonic has a complete horizontal path to get to this room from where the last Amy path was.
    • Therefore, the fact that Amy's part of Final Egg is present in Sonic's version seems to indicate that Sonic's version of the room was used as a base for Amy's room but they haven't managed to implement it/split it off yet (Amy's demo of this level ends before the elevator comes down).
    • Sonic's version of Amy's "door" room is just the geometry, like the other Amy path Sonic can access. It has no objects, items, or enemies.
    • In the final, this path is blocked off.
  • The wall above what would be final's second checkpoint (the first checkpoint in this version of the level) is missing the chrome Eggman decoration.
  • Both conveyor belts after the checkpoint have spike walls. In the final only the first one you traverse has a spike wall.
  • There is an extra spike roller at the end of the fourth conveyor belt (the first one that faces east relative to where the checkpoint is facing).
  • There is no lower path for this part of the level - if you fall, you die.
  • The area that can be seen through the path after the first rotating section is missing most of the decorative objects, such as pipes, that can be seen in the final, instead being a black abyss with some blinking lights.
  • The level sections with the rotating areas you have to traverse are greatly misaligned, which means that the player just falls out of the level geometry and dies trying to traverse them. This means that the level is impossible to finish via normal play.
  • There is no transition to Sonic's Act 2 - only level geometry that abruptly ends and opens up into the bottomless pit outside of the level.
Sonic's Final Egg (Act 2)
  • Even more unfinished than Act 1.
  • Act 2 uses completely different textures for nearly everything in the level - primarily floor and wall textures. It has a different, more beige color scheme as well.
  • The starting area is a flat hallway. In the final, it slopes downwards.
  • All decorative objects are missing - spotlights, blinking lights on the platforms, cameras, etc..
  • There are no enemies in this stage, which means this act's platforming has to be done solely by jumping without the homing attack.
  • There are no rings or items, but there are checkpoints.
  • The large room that makes up most of act 2 is using completely different wall textures, and looks in general beige as opposed to the black and blue of the final.
  • None of the platforms in this level move, which makes completing this act through normal play impossible.
  • The camera angle while Sonic navigates the platforms is much farther away from Sonic than in the final.
  • The openings to the piping Sonic runs through are square instead of octagonal.
  • The color scheme of the piping Sonic runs through to get to the lower part of the room is using different textures, primarily for the floor, which is the purplish metal grate of the last part of act 1 instead of the final's blue steel texture. The area itself is missing the blue glass that makes up part of the ceiling segments. This combined with the textures makes this part of the level have a purple color scheme instead of the final's blue. There are no booster pads or pathing routines, and the camera has a tendency to clip through the walls and floors as the player manually navigates it.
  • There are no death zones between the platforming sections.
  • After the first checkpoint, the lowest part of the room is visible when Sonic is up in the air. In the final, it just looks like a black abyss until the player navigates further in the level.
  • The springs after the first checkpoint usually send Sonic to the bottom of the stage, due to the moving platforms being broken.
  • To the right of these springs are a pipe and a platform that are not present in the final.
  • There are no camera angle changes as the player attempts to navigate the platforms in the second part of the level. The platforms themselves are also arranged differently than in the final.
  • The 1-Up after this platforming section is missing.
  • The camera breaks during the second tube run, not following behind Sonic and instead preferring to show the player the outside of the level geometry for this part of the stage.
  • Oddly, the center platform with the switch on it for the third part of this level is using the blue steel texture that is used for the tube runs in the final. In the final, this platform has a light blue texture instead.
  • The camera pulls out much farther from Sonic after he's pressed the switch, and starts this angle much earlier. It also stays at one angle during the animation, whereas in the final it has two.
  • No ambient voice clip plays when Sonic presses the switch. In the final, a computerized voice says "Final Egg Level 2 Isolation Wall Opened".
  • There is no elevator object leading to the final part of the act, though the camera changes are present. Sonic can just jump through the shaft to the next part of the level however.
  • The fan blades in the final part of the act and the glass enclosing them are completely missing, and the camera angle favors focusing on the center of the room instead of following Sonic. The area is as bare as the rest of the act - no enemies, spike balls, rings, or items.
  • The checkpoint before descending down to the bottomless pit area is missing.
  • Instead of having a few moving platforms, this version of the act's final part has many platforms forming a kind of staircase leading down to (and past) where you call the elevator. The camera angle while navigating these platforms is behind Sonic at an angle instead of directly behind him.
  • The elevator is not waiting to take Sonic to act 3, which makes this act yet again impossible to complete in normal play, though it is midway through the elevator shaft and can be reached by jumping down. The elevator repeatedly opens and closes its door when Sonic is close to it, even if he is standing on top of it. The elevator door has no collision, and nothing happens if Sonic manages to enter the elevator.
Sonic's Final Egg (Act 3)
  • The starting room is the starting room of the final without the elevator portion bolted on. Sonic starts at the back wall that the elevator dock would start at, with the camera facing the wall. There are no spike ball objects, items, or springs, though there are rings.
  • No ambient voice clip plays in the first part of the level. In the final, a computerized voice is repeatedly saying in the background: "Emergency! Emergency! Dispose of any intruders!"
  • All of the decorative objects are missing - spotlights, cameras, etc.. This includes the dolls Gamma targets in his version of the stage that make an appearance at the end of Sonic's.
  • Item capsules are missing from nearly every point in the level.
  • The camera is a little more broken during the first path, pulling farther away from Sonic as he goes down, which means the player can't really see him over the curvature of the floor. In the final it does a better job of following him (but still almost clips the floor geometry).
  • There are none of the Beats - the first room with them is completely bare in this version. The tubes they come out of are also not present in the walls.
  • The camera in the swarm room is very broken and tends to view the outside of the room's walls.
  • In the first swarm room, there are springs going up instead of a ladder. The wall closest to these is just flat geometry with none of the objects seen in the final.
  • Because there is no ladder, there is no platform that the ladder goes up to, and thus there are no floor spikes between the ladder platform and the floor.
  • The path leading out of this room has laser objects from Act 1 that aren't present in the final.
  • The path leading out of this room has fans embedded in its solid floor. In the final the entire path is just bare.
  • There is no checkpoint before the first fan room.
  • The fan arrangement in the first fan room is a continuous chain of fans. In the final it's a straight path of three fans, then a platform, then a crooked path of four fans.
  • There are no items or springs below the fans - if you fall, you die. In the final there is a spring below the second fan path and items next to the walls.
  • After the first fan room, there is an untextured duck enemy. It doesn't look like a badnik - it looks like a walking rubber duck, and it is much larger than Sonic and all of the other badniks in the game. It shoots projectiles at Sonic and then immediately runs away, and doesn't have walking or shooting animations - though if the player takes long enough to reach this room, it is already trying to run away into the nearest wall. When broken, it spawns a Chao Animal just like most enemies in the game, and it doesn't have a breaking animation. Its internal name is E_HIYOKO and it is referenced in the final - but when loaded, it's a copy of one of the Egg Keeper enemies and is identical in every way to them.
  • The entrance to the second fan room has sliding doors that aren't present in the final.
  • The camera in the second fan room doesn't follow directly behind Sonic like it does in the final. It also just cuts to a view of the next room when Sonic enters it instead of following him in.
  • The secret area with items that you reach via a ramp in the room has no items, but does have a switch of unknown purpose.
  • The third fan room is just a straight path of fans. In the final there is a conveyor belt and then a path of fans.
  • The camera in the third fan room doesn't follow directly behind Sonic and just cuts to a near-sideways view of him while the player navigates the fans.
  • The room and fan room after it are not in the final version of the level - the third fan room just goes to the second swarm room in the final. This extra room happens to be one of the only places in the level where item capsules were placed, and one of the few with enemies placed. The Spinners here are instead Electro Spinners as well.
  • The second swarm room has no Beats or the pipes that spawn them, like the first swarm room.
  • The second swarm room also has a platform on the upper level that does not exist in the final. This platform has a speed shoes box, a 10 ring box, and a 1-Up. In the final, the 10 ring box was removed and the speed shoes and 1-Up were moved to the pipes in the center of the room.
  • The path up has a booster pad like in the final, but no spring. The camera decides to clip out of the level geometry when the booster is used.
  • The second swarm room actually has item capsules placed near the exit out of it.
  • The pipe that Sonic is dropped into after taking the tunnel out of the swarm room is using completely different textures from the final. It is also missing a checkpoint.
  • The entrance to this pipe is covered up, though the player can still enter it.
  • The falling section present after the level's second checkpoint is entirely missing from this build. In this version, it's a pipe run spiraling downwards, like in parts of act 2. There are no objects, such as booster pads, present, nor any pathing.
  • This pipe section throws Sonic immediately into the third swarm room. In the final, Sonic falls through the falling section into one more fan room that that the player has to navigate, and then into a tunnel that launches him into the swarm room.
  • The third swarm room has two tunnel entrances. In the final there is just one.
  • The third swarm room has a ramp that leads to a dead end that isn't present in the final. The entire time you try to navigate this path, the camera has clipped out of the level geometry (again).
  • There are no massive sliding doors leading out to the next room like in the final.
  • The room after the third swarm room has fewer enemies (only the Spinners, no Egg Keepers). The Spinners are also Electro Spinners, unlike the final.
  • The fourth checkpoint is missing. The Egg Keeper that is to the right of it in the final is in its place.
  • There are no doll objects that pop up when Sonic passes them.
  • There is an unused robotic Sonic object referenced in this level that looks like it would've been an alternate doll model used with the doll objects mentioned above.
  • The final checkpoint is missing.
  • The final room has no enemies, platforms, or items. It is completely bare.
  • The arrangement of the beams between the final room and the end of the level is different - it makes an "X" shape that you go directly over with the Light Speed Dash. In the final, it makes two "X" shapes and you go between them with the Light Speed Dash.
  • No end of level sequence is triggered when Sonic reaches the platform - this means the player can navigate the tunnel to the right that leads straight to the Egg Viper (in the final this is done via a cutscene), though in this version it just leads out to the nothingness outside of the level geometry.
Amy's Final Egg
  • This is one of the levels demonstrated in the autodemo loop.
  • There is no opening cutscene of Zero dropping down behind Amy. As a result, the camera starts at a more distant shot of Amy as opposed to being directly in front of her like in the final.
  • Zero doesn't immediately notice Amy when the stage begins.
  • There are extra hint orbs here, such as the one at the beginning of the stage.
  • After the wall of lasers, there are no enemies and only one laser pod leading to the next area. There are also more rings. In the final, there are two Egg Keepers and three laser pods, and no rings.
  • There is no item box under the claw.
  • There is only a single laser object in the section where Zero breaks through the wall. In the final, there are two.
  • The hint orb in front of the elevator is missing.
  • The demo ends at the elevator section. Through hacking, additional parts of Amy's level can be seen:
    • The crates to the left of the "Choose a door" section are missing.
    • The large ledge near the end of the stage has a crate nearby that can be used to get high enough to reach the ledge with an ordinary jump.
  • The hint at the beginning of the demo is:
    • 敵にロックオンされても、逃げまわれば大丈夫。がんばって。("Even if the enemy locks on to you, you'll be fine if you just run around. Do your best.")


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