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  • There are a few texture files for this adventure field that likely got merged into other ones in the final to cut down on load times:
    • OBJ_EC_AB.PRS, OBJ_EC_C.PRS, OBJ_EC10.PRS are all files for the exterior of the Egg Carrier, likely merged into OBJ_EC00.PRS in the final.
    • OBJ_EC31.RPS and OBJ_EC33.PRS are both files for the interior of the Egg Carrier, likely merged into OBJ_EC30.PRS in the final.
  • A set file for the external area of the Egg Carrier exclusive to Gamma exists in this build (SETEC31E.BIN). In the final, this file does not exist, because all characters use the same set file as Sonic. It is the only set file in the entire build to have a September modification date - all the others were last updated in August.
  • Attempting to load any of the Egg Carrier exterior areas through normal play will load in Sonic's cutscene with Gamma instead.
Outside (Untransformed)
  • Does not load up the correct textures and objects, as no cutscene in the autodemo is set here.
  • There is no boat docking to the other Adventure Fields.
  • There is no spring leading up to where Chaos 6 is fought.
  • There are item boxes near the Bridge.
  • There are rings placed here, in circles and lines. These include circles on the lower decks, a line close to where the monorail is supposed to come out, and a circle of rings on the arena. In the final there are never rings placed in the Adventure Fields aside from the ones Knuckles can dig up.
  • There are no buttons to call the monorail.
  • The springs from the Tornado's crash site point straight up, instead of at an angle.
  • The boxes placed at the base of the cannons near the arena area are breakable and have item boxes in them, including speed shoes, which never make an appearance in the Adventure Fields in the final. Sonic can only break them open with the Light Speed Attack.
  • The arena area has a center that sticks up - in the final, it is flat. The low-detail version of this when viewed from the back of the ship while it is transformed actually shows up in the final, but it is hard to see.
  • The angles of the cannons are incorrect - the player will always hit the field's upper boundary when shot out of them, causing a visible collision between the player character and an invisible barrier, as well as a rapid and visible decrease in height.
  • The curved pillars that connect to the central area have no collision - the player clips right through them when shot out of cannons.
  • The tall platform near the entrance to the bridge is missing the spinning platform on top of it.
  • The tall platform near the entrance to the bridge has a cannon that shoots the player to the roof of what would be the pool area.
  • There are item boxes, including an extra life, hidden on a ledge behind the outside of the pool area.
Front Deck (Transformed)
  • The build's texture file filename for this version of the adventure filed is lacking the underscore its final counterpart has.
  • The exits are broken, and only a few can be fixed by giving them the values of their final counterparts.
  • There are item capsules outside of the entrance to Sky Deck.
  • Most of if not all of the changes listed above for the untransformed version carry over here, including the lack of monorail buttons, the upper boundary with the cannons, the rings placed, and the springs to the area where Chaos 6 is fought.
Rear Deck (Transformed)
  • Sonic has a cutscene set here in the autodemo, so the textures and objects load in correctly.
  • Behind the building containing the swimming pool is two ? Ring Boxes and a 1-UP. In the final, it is instead two 10 ring boxes.
  • The tower has the cannon that shoots the player to the roof of the pool area, like in the untransformed exterior field. This is not present in the final.
  • The spinning platform at the top of the tower that is missing in the untransformed version of the exterior is also missing here, as is the 10 ring box that is supposed to be placed slightly below it.
Captain's Room
  • The scanners up in front are not visible.
Captain's Room (Lower)
  • The positions of the button panel and one of the doors is switched, but improperly - the arrow button panel is just floating in mid-air in front of a hole in the level geometry, while the frame of the door is embedded in the wall with no opening.
  • The layout is flipped - the living quarters is on the right of the layout instead of the left.
  • Pressing one of the arrow buttons lights the doors up for a short time.
  • The bright pink disco room has a door that leads immediately to a wall embedded inside of it.
  • There is no switch to activate the trail of rings leading to the upper captain's room, so you have to get up there via dodgy spin dash physics.
Pool Area
  • There is an inexplicable hole in the level geometry on the opposite end of the pool from the entrance. Naturally, falling into it kills you.
  • There are no item boxes near the top of the area.
  • There is no spring at the bottom of the pool.
  • The textures and objects load properly here, due to Gamma having a cutscene taking place here in the autodemo loop.
  • The lighting here is slightly less green and is darker in general than in the final. The doors themselves are lit rather brightly.
  • The build's texture file filename for this version of the adventure field is lacking the underscore its final counterpart has.
  • The top deck of the back of the bridge, where the rooms leading to the cells and Hot Shelter are, have two rows of rings and a few ring capsules.
  • The entrance to the Chao Garden is missing its puzzle.
  • There are no hint monitors.
  • The robots moving along the left and right sides of the upper deck are missing.
  • The arches going over the room lack collision.
  • The pod exit out of the bridge is also lacking collision.
  • The bottom deck has five maid robots scrubbing the floor. In the final, there is only three.
  • Like in the outside areas, the monorail and the buttons to call it is missing here.
  • The room that normally has the Chao Garden teleporter is empty in this version, only containing a door that lacks an exit object.
  • The small rooms attached to the bridge (that in the final have Gamma's upgrades) only contain doors and their corresponding exit objects.
  • The Hedgehog Hammer room is completely empty save for the doors on both sides leading to the cells and the bridge, respectively. These doors have no exit objects.
  • The build's texture file filename for this version of the adventure filed is lacking the underscore its final counterpart has.
  • The lighting is different, and is lacking the fog seen in the final.
  • It loads in textures and objects properly due to a cutscene with Amy and Gamma being present in the autodemo loop.
  • The cells make no sounds when opened.
  • The middle cell has a ? Ring box and a 1-UP. In the final, a black Chao egg is here instead.
  • The rightmost cell is missing Big's lure upgrade.
  • The fans below the floor spin more slowly.


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