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  • The noises the Chao make are a bit unfinished, being mixed louder and are more robotic than in the final.
  • Chao make the "playing with animal noise" as an ambient sound (like how Chao have ambient noises in Sonic Adventure 2). In the final, Chao make no noises unless they are actively doing something, such as eating, being thrown or hurt by the player character, or playing with an animal.
  • Chao constantly emote in this build, often randomly having exclamation mark or heart emotes while running around. In the final, Chao only emote when actively doing something, such as eating, being thrown or hurt by the player character, or playing with an animal.
  • Chao will stay still until the player approaches them, upon which they will start constantly follow the player around. In the final, they do things on their own and aren't as needy.
  • Chao do not swim and do not have a swimming state - they will run around underwater as if they are on land.
  • When a Chao is hurt, they show a emote that is present but unused in the final, being just a messy jumble. In the final, it's a tornado-like swirl.
  • If the player hurts a Chao, they might briefly run away from them, a behavior not seen at all in the final.
  • Chao cannot die from being mistreated, unlike in the final.
  • When thrown, a Chao will slide for a while, a behavior not seen in the final at all.
  • Chao instantly change form when given a single animal to play with - in the final it takes many to do so, as the change is more gradual and based on a Chao's best stats. This, combined with the animal spawning mentioned below, seems to imply that Chao were undergoing a bit of testing in this build.
  • The individual changes a Chao undertakes when given an animal are different from the final - for instance, a Chao given a Lion in this build will have them turn green with horns like the adult Running Chao, whereas in the final, a Chao given a Lion would turn red with different horns, because a Lion is a Strength-based animal.
  • Chao do not take on adult forms in this build; instead, the limit implemented in the final for their changes as a child are not in place, giving them vastly different appearances over time. Also as a result of never aging, they cannot be bred.
  • If a Chao is in the middle of an action when being picked up by a character, they will stay in that frame of animation while held. For example, if a Chao is in the middle of tripping and the player picks them up, the character will be holding the Chao in the tripping pose. In the final, Chao are always in a sitting pose when being held by characters.
  • The baby Chao in this build start out walking. In the final, they crawl until their Run stat gets high enough to allow them to walk.
  • Coconuts don't fall from trees when shaken.
  • All dialogues and monologues were written by EduBirdie.

Chao Gardens

Station Square (AL_GARDEN00)
  • This Chao garden, as well the Chao spawned in it, is seen in some early screencaps.
  • It is largely intact and can be loaded through the level select without crashing the game.
  • The player spawns one of each of the following animals: Rabbit, Deer, Kangaraoo, Elephant, Lion, Gorilla, Mole, Koala, and Penguin. Of note, the Flying type animals (Parrot, Swallow, Peacock) and two of the Swimming animals (Otter and Seal) are not spawned.
  • Eight Chao (the maximum number in a single garden in the final) spawn in set positions.
  • Character controls are disabled here without hacking.
  • The camera is closer to the player and cannot have its zoom changed.
  • The entrance to the Chao Race doesn't exist - it's just a hallway with no doors or features. Walking through this hallway triggers no event.
  • The exit from the Chao Garden doesn't exist - it's just a square cut out of the geometry leading into a black void, with no elevator doors. The player can jump into this void and die. Chao can also be thrown into this void.
  • There are no teleporters to the other Chao gardens.
  • There are no floating help monitors.
  • The VMU machine always says NO DATA on it. It takes Chao...but they can never been taken out. The "OK!" animation flashes on its screen but it doesn't create a save, and stepping on the button again to try to get the Chao back does nothing.
  • The VMU machine takes more than one Chao. In the final, only one Chao can be taken on a Chao Adventure.
  • The trees do not drop nuts.
  • The collision detection in the corner pillars is completely broken - Chao and the player character will clip right through them.
  • The corner pillars are positioned improperly, hovering off of the floor a little bit and its edges clipping into the level's walls.
  • The ceiling has no collision detection - Tails and Knuckles can just clip right through it.
Egg Carrier (AL_GARDEN01)
  • The Egg Carrier Chao Garden is actually the floating island seen in very early video and pre-release screenshots of Chao. Its geometry is an island cut out of the old Windy Valley Act 3 geometry (see above) with several decorative structures removed (fallen pillars, fountain etc). All of the textures it makes reference to are the same ones referenced in that stage, which unfortunately means that it points to textures that don't exist in this build. Its object list points to rings, a tree, and a flower.
  • It can't be loaded in-game without its stage file being edited due to expecting a different version of 1ST_READ.bin.
Mystic Ruins (AL_GARDEN02)
  • The Mystic Ruins Chao Garden has level geometry and not much else - it has no reference to textures whatsoever and only has rings in its object list.
  • It can't be loaded in-game without its stage file being edited due to expecting a different version of 1ST_READ.bin.
  • Its geometry is an early model compared to the final (like with Casinopolis above) and has several differences:
    • The entire area is much smaller than in the final.
    • The entrance is a rectangular cut out for a door instead of the tunnel-like minecart track exit of the final.
    • The entrance is to the left of the pool instead of to the right.
    • Because of the entrance's location, the raised portions of the layout present in the final are missing here.
    • There are no pillars or ruins present, unlike in the final.
    • The pool is a half-circle, like the cliff the level is built into cuts it off. In the final, it's a small full circle.


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