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  • Completely unplayable - it cannot be loaded in-game even with hacking, because the game crashes when its land table is loaded.
  • All of the level geometry for the acts of this stage are rough, early models.
  • The SET files are blank, except for the Sonic pinball table level, which specifies all of its level specific objects (flippers, starting point etc).
  • All of its maps completely lack references to textures.
  • Tails has no initial coordinates for any parts of this level.
Main Hall
  • The flat neon sign of a cowgirl holding a drink, seen in the JP final version of the game, is instead a giant bunny girl statue holding a drink, lying down next to a minibar in this version.
Dilapidated Way
  • There's a small, winding tube structure leading to what is the beginning of this level in the final. This path does actually exist in the final (albeit unused and impossible to access in normal gameplay), which indicates that it might have been scrapped at the last minute.
Sonic Pinball
  • The level geometry is largely the same as the final with a few differences:
    • There's a complete tower in the right side of the table. In the final, only the bottom of its geometry remains.
    • There is geometry for more tower-like structures in the left side of the table. In the final, these are not present.
    • The dividers where the ball enters the table proper are narrower and less round than in the final.
    • The prototype table is missing two squareish structures near the middle of the table that are in the final.
NiGHTS Pinball
  • This is actually the prototype pinball table seen in some very old screenshots of the level. It is a spiraling, sloping area that Sonic would have to make his way up using flippers placed on certain parts of the level, but there is no way out in the land table.
  • It only has a few of its own unique objects in its object list and not much else.
  • It tends to crash level viewers.


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