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  • All boss levels except for Chaos 2 will crash the game if the player attempts to access them through the level select. This could be because all boss levels except for Chaos 2 also lack their actual bosses.

Chaos 0

  • The only difference is there's no windows at the door.

Chaos 2

  • The arena that this boss takes place in (the Station Square hotel area) is completely untextured and empty.
  • This build has a camera file for Knuckles' boss fight (CAM1600K.BIN) - the game actually has the camera hard-coded to always focus on Chaos, thus making this redundant. The file itself is blank (indicating that it was already scrapped at this point), and does not exist in the final.
  • This build also has a camera file for Sonic (CAM1600S.BIN, with the S suffix for Sonic), which is particularly interesting given that in the final, Chaos 2 is a Knuckles-exclusive boss fight.
  • Chaos 2 itself does spawn in the level, unlike all of the build's other bosses. Chaos will not move nor try to attack the player, though the player will still be harmed by collision damage. Chaos itself is also untextured, showing up as bright white.

Chaos 6

  • Has two versions of the boss' map - one of them is compressed as PRS like it should be, but the other (LAND1800.BIN) is left uncompressed and left in the directory. The uncompressed one three days older than the compressed version, and has only level geometry - no programming or object models.
  • Knuckles' version of this fight is completely missing from this build - no level slot.

Perfect Chaos (Chaos 7)

  • The build contains a texture file for this boss fight (LM_CHAOS7.PRS) that is far smaller than the one used in the final (LM_CHAOS7_0.PRS) and lacks the final's trailing 0 in the file name. This file is dated the same day as the stage texture file, B_CHAOS7.PRS. Some of the buildings don't load the correct textures, which appears to indicate that this file is for a different version of the stage.
  • B_CHAOS7.PRS does not map properly to the level's geometry in this build.
  • The level geometry is entirely different from the final - there is only one linear stretch of buildings. In the final, it is a loop layout, so that Chaos and Super Sonic can repeatedly fight without having to keep turning around.
  • The buildings that appear on the sides of the level are much taller than in the final.

Egg Hornet

  • This build has a camera file for Sonic's boss fight (CAMEGM1S.BIN) - the game has the camera hard-coded to always focus on the Egg Hornet, thus making this redundant. The file does not exist in the final, likely for this reason.
  • The arena uses a rough, early model of the Mystic Ruins, much like the maps for Casinopolis below. It lacks any structures or details, just containing the basic world geometry.

Egg Viper

  • The map that this boss starts in is Act 4 of Final Egg in this build. In the final, this map is part of the boss fight map (albeit far below the actual boss fight at Y:-50000). This version also lacks the area where Sonic enters the fight in the final's cutscene. The textures for this stage will not load in-game.
  • There are two copies of the object file used in this build: SET1004S.BIN and SET1005S.BIN. The file is outdated and the objects that appar in this level are the same as the final, which means that clusters of objects will spawn in, like in Knuckles' Speed Highway below.

Egg Walker

  • Is completely missing from this build - no data whatsoever, and no level slot.

E-101 Beta

  • The first battle with E-101 Beta in Gamma's story is completely missing - no data, no level slot. The second one (vs Mark II) has a level slot however.

E-103 Delta

  • While present in this build, it goes unused due to the lack of a set file for Gamma's Windy Valley.
  • The title card for this boss just reads "E-103" (with no Delta at the end) in this prototype. This is due to the boss font lacking the Delta symbol at this point in development.
  • This boss is actually relatively intact - like in the final, E-103 takes five hits to beat, and the game will actually use the clear stage sequence, ending with a Coming Soon! screen and going back to the title.
  • E-103 cannot be harmed while it is gliding in mid-air with the Jet Booster, because once it starts gliding, it never lands.

E-104 Epsilon

  • E-104's boss fight is present in the game if the player manages to load up Gamma's Red Mountain and proceed through it.
  • E-104 does not experience any knockback or visual effects when hit.
  • E-104 also does not release an animal when defeated.
  • The boss music (Heartless Colleague) does not play during this fight.


  • This build has a camera file that might be for Sonic (CAMROBOS.BIN), given the "S" suffix that denotes it. However, the file name itself is very different from what its corresponding stage file would be (B_ROBO). Like with Chaos 2 and Egg Hornet, the game has the camera hard-coded to always focus on Zero, so this file is redundant and not included in the final. It is also blank, indicating that it had already been scrapped prior to this build.
  • This build also has a blank set file for Sonic (SETROBOS.BIN). The set file used in the final has the file name SETZEROA.BIN, though a SETZEROS.BIN does exist in the final Japanese build (but obviously unused, as Sonic does not fight Zero).


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