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Advertisements - Sonic Adventure 2: Battle are product advertisements placed in various media to promote the release of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

Print Advertisements

Come to the Dark Side...Come All Ye Faithful

This is a two page UK advertisement.

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Head to Head Hedgehogs

This is another 2 page UK advertisement.

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Sonic Now Available on GameCube

This advertisement fails to mention the game now available, which is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

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German Advertisement

This is a advertisment printed in the German language.


The prophecy was told: with the arrival of the dark hedgehog, the end of this world is approaching...

The enormous armys of light and shadow are encounter each other. The future of a flawy world is at stake. Will you follow the good power and become in an footrace for peace to Sonic the Hero? Or do you take the bait of the dark and evil Shadow, to lead the world into doom? It's up to you - but choose your side wisely.

  • 30 action level with more then 50 missions + multiplayer modi with new battle arenas and kart racing
  • 12 characters including Metal Sonic, Amy, Chaos Zero and the Chao Walkers.
  • improved Chao mode with new mini games and exclusive link to your Game Boy Advance

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

And on which side are you?

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