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  • In the area after Sonic gets off the board, there is a ring item box on the wall. It was worth 20 rings in the Dreamcast version but was changed to 10 rings in the GameCube version.
  • The word "WELCOME" was removed from the two grassy areas on both sides of the stairs after the first Point Marker and the three trick ramps in the GameCube version.
  • Omochao appears just before the Goal Ring in the GameCube version. He will say "That big truck scared me." if the player picks him up and jumps into the Goal Ring.

Texture comparisons

All of the in-game advertisements, bar one, were replaced in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. While in many cases the "product" is the same, the designs were changed, giving City Escape a different look.

Dreamcast GameCube Comments
Chaossoda.png Chaoscola.png
Emeraldnotwork.png Digitalchoke.png
Nights letsfly.png Nights dreamresort.png
Habitforming.png Habitforming gc.png
Pizzaad 01.png Subburger ad.png
Soapshoesad 02.png Soapshoesad gc.png
Sonicteam ad.png Sonicteam ad gc.png
Springfestival.png 10th box expo.png
Chaoinspacece.png Chaoinspace2 gc.png
Chaoinspace2.png Planet chaos.png
Gun justice.png Gun justice.png
Chaossoda bench.png Emerald notwork bench.png
Gotring bench.png Soap bench.png


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